Mallee Research Station Walpeup

Mallee Research Station (MRS) Walpeup was established in 1922. It sits on 1048 hectares (2620 acres) of which 748 hectares (1870 acres) is cropping and grazing land, while the rest is native bush and buildings.

The farm land is leased to a local farmer who is cropping using direct drill and grazing sheep.

The dryland agricultural research being conducted on the site includes variety evaluation for cereals, lupins and oil seeds, fertiliser rates, direct drill seeding versus cultivation and a perennial grazing shrub evaluation.

On the environmental side, it is hoped that a regeneration of belah and pine-buloke woodland project will occur during 2011, alongside weed control,  replanting and track reclamation.

The buildings on the site include a 100 seat conference room, an office (upgraded in 1998), a 24 bed hostel, a glasshouse, a laboratory and a working shed.

The site is also the home of a Bureau of Meteorology automatic weather station.

MRS Walpeup is 30 km west of Ouyen and 130 km south west of Mildura.

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  • Stick shed

    Stick shed

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  • Shed


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  • Mud brick building

    Mud brick building