SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management

Award Course
This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding
Cricos Code 091094B


The Advanced Diploma of Hospitality reflects the role of individuals operating at a senior level who use substantial industry knowledge and wide ranging specialised managing skills. They operate independently take responsibility for other and make a range of strategic business decisions.


This qualification provides a pathway to work in any sector of the hospitality industry as a senior manager in a large organisations or small business owners or managers.


Management Courses.

Course Delivery

This course will take thirty months. Delivery will be over the course of five semesters following the Victorian school holiday period. This course is an approved VET FEE HELP VET Student Loan course. The Vet Student Loan maximum tuition fee cap is five thousand dollars. This course is currently in transition; the course code, title, units and content may change in the future and further information will be provided upon enrolment and/or during the course of your training.

Entry Requirements

Each student will undertake a PreTraining Review before enrolling to help confirm the proposed course is suitable. It will provide valuable information about an individuals existing skills and knowledge language literacy and numeracy skills and whether the course will help in achieving learning and or employment goals.

Expected Time to Complete

2.5 Years

Units & Assessment
Core Units
Code Unit Name Hours Material
BSBDIV501 Manage diversity in the workplace 60 $35.00
BSBFIM601 Manage finances 80 $30.00
BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan 70 $35.00
BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan 60 $30.00
SITXCCS008 Develop and manage quality customer service practices 30 $35.00
SITXFIN003 Manage finances within a budget 30 $60.00
SITXFIN004 Prepare and monitor budgets 30 $35.00
SITXFIN005 Manage physical assets 40 $35.00
SITXGLC001 Research and comply with regulatory requirements 80 $35.00
SITXHRM003 Lead and manage people 60 $35.00
SITXHRM004 Recruit, select and induct staff 60 $35.00
SITXHRM006 Monitor staff performance 50 $35.00
SITXMGT001 Monitor work operations 20 $35.00
SITXMGT002 Establish and conduct business relationships 60 $35.00
SITXMPR007 Develop and implement marketing strategies 80 $35.00
SITXWHS004 Establish and maintain a work health and safety system 30 $35.00
Elective Units
Code Unit Name Hours Material
BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20 $30.00
BSBSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices 40 $35.00
BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others 15 $30.00
SITHCCC001 Use food preparation equipment 25 $95.00
SITHCCC005 Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery 45 $140.00
SITHCCC006 Prepare appetisers and salads 25 $105.00
SITHCCC007 Prepare stocks, sauces and soups 35 $130.00
SITHCCC008 Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes 45 $130.00
SITHCCC012 Prepare poultry dishes 25 $140.00
SITHCCC013 Prepare seafood dishes 50 $180.00
SITHCCC014 Prepare meat dishes 50 $200.00
SITHCCC017 Handle and serve cheese 5 $40.00
SITHCCC018 Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements 75 $155.00
SITHCCC019 Produce cakes, pastries and breads 40 $140.00
SITHCCC020 Work effectively as a cook 80 $120.00
SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol 10 $35.00
SITHKOP001 Clean kitchen premises and equipment 13 $30.00
SITHKOP002 Plan and cost basic menus 30 $50.00
SITHKOP004 Develop menus for special dietary requirements 15 $35.00
SITHKOP005 Coordinate cooking operations 100 $65.00
SITHPAT003 Produce pastries 24 $85.00
SITHPAT004 Produce yeast-based bakery products 42 $95.00
SITHPAT005 Produce petits fours 30 $85.00
SITHPAT006 Produce desserts 100 $200.00
SITXCCS006 Provide service to customers 25 $35.00
SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experiences 40 $35.00
SITXCOM005 Manage conflict 20 $35.00
SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety 15 $45.00
SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices 40 $40.00
SITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills 20 $35.00
SITXHRM002 Roster staff 30 $35.00
SITXINV002 Maintain the quality of perishable items 10 $30.00
SITXWHS001 Participate in safe work practices 12 $30.00
SITXWHS003 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices 30 $35.00
Your particular units of study will be determined from the core and elective units required for this qualification.

RPL is a formal assessment process that recognises relevant skills and knowledge you have already gained through previous training, work and life experiences. Contact the Institute today to discuss your options for RPL.

Indicative Fees

2023 2024
Government Subsidised $7,962 $8,249
Concession $3,140 $1,935
RPL Government Subsidised $4,520
RPL Concession $904
RPL Self-funded $6,027
Self-Funded $9,469 $9,828

Concession for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses applies only to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Average total fees include designated materials and will vary according to your specific unit choices and other factors.

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

For information on refunds in relation to withdrawals, transfers and cancellations refer to the following policies and procedures.
Refund of Course Fees Policy
Student Withdrawal and Refund of Course Fees Procedure

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