A generation of farm workers with skills to trasform the horticulture industry.


It is our mission to:

  1. Train an efficient and skilled SMART farming workforce that can rise to meet current demands and proactively contribute to the future requirements of the horticulture sector.  
  2. Provide accessible support, trials, networks, information, skills, education and training to horticulture farmers to facilitate a move away from industrial era practices towards a SMART farming model that utilises automation and technology.
  3. Deliver skills, training and education to improve the capability of the horticulture industry to manage resource and environmental constraints, while sustainably increasing production, and producing more with less.

Case Studies

Case Study Headline

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Ways you can get involved

Corporate partners
We're proud to partner with a number of industry leading organisations. Find out more about our partnerships and join our expanding network.

Trial your crops
Help shape the future of horticulture and connect with others.  Businesses are invited to trial new agricultural technology and crops.

School Involvement
The SMART Farm offers site tours, special events, topical talks and demonstrations to involve schools and showcase the range of new career options in horticulture. 

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