Australia’s No. 1 Large Training Provider

To be awarded Australia’s No.1 Training Provider for 2019, SuniTAFE have done a lot of things right. Here’s the 5 most important reasons why we believe SuniTAFE is regarded as the country’s best.


SuniTAFE’s success is a reflection of the success enjoyed by our students.
Results speak for themselves. As the No.1 ranked institution for employment outcomes, with 88.9% of graduates finding work in their area of training or enrolling in further education, SuniTAFE students are highly likely to realise their chosen careers.

While SuniTAFE’s apprentice completion rate is also significantly above average at 95%.
Through the Skills and Jobs Centre and Client Engagement Officers, both enrolled and prospective new students are consulted directly in designing course plans to suit each student’s needs. Good news definitely travels. SuniTAFE has become renowned as a very positive and enriching student experience.

Perhaps it’s the dedication and expertise of our staff, the small class sizes and state-of-the-art facilities, vibrant campus culture, the incredible beauty of the Murray River landscape, or the region’s healthy and affordable lifestyle. The student satisfaction rate at SuniTAFE is among the highest anywhere in the country, and SuniTAFE is experiencing a significant increase in new commencements as word gets out.


Our partnerships and collaborations are very much the foundation of SuniTAFE’s operations, enabling us to understand the region’s current and projected skill demands. SuniTAFE actively pursues and maintains partnerships with government, industry, local businesses and community groups that bring a host of benefits to both industry and students.

Industry partnerships are pivotal in deciding course content, ensuring students receive the most up-to-date and relevant training to set them squarely on a qualified career path. It is also equally important for businesses, enabling them to plan ahead with the confidence that they have both the know-how and workforce to realise their goals. We have partnerships in all key industry sectors - Horticulture, Transport and Logistics, Health Services, Business and Technology, Hospitality, Automotive and Engineering, and Construction and Trades.



We pride ourselves on being an employer of choice. The wellbeing and capability of our staff is paramount in SuniTAFE’s ability to provide quality education, and a positive culture that filters throughout the campuses and classrooms.

This has been achieved by building an environment of trust, mutual respect and a focus on positive outcomes. Teaching staff are encouraged to have a substantial voice in shaping how SuniTAFE can best serve the community.

SuniTAFE staff tick all the boxes. They are current with the most up-to-date technical know-how in their field, have undergone the latest Training and Assessment upgrades, while Cultural Awareness Training was undertaken by all staff in 2019. SuniTAFE have also expanded its vehicle fleet to meet a growing demand for its new on-site teaching model.

To remain relevant to constantly evolving industries, SuniTAFE knows it must be innovative and welcome change. Our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan focuses on the future as well as on the present delivery of Australian best quality training.


SuniTAFE offers pathways to new opportunities for many different people, like:

  • school leavers with a specific career in mind or who are exploring options
  • people wanting to make a career change, or simply upskill and give their career a boost
  • those aspiring to a University education
  • International students seeking an affordable, friendly, rural Australian experience.

All of SuniTAFE’s Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma courses are fully accredited, and comply with the latest requirements of each Industry. Apprentices will graduate with the confidence that their training is with Australia’s best.

There are many pathways from TAFE to a university degree. When you study with SuniTAFE, you open a gateway into university education. Whether you have just finished secondary school, are returning to study, or embarking on a new career, Pathways to University can help make your dream become a reality.

SuniTAFE has partnered with La Trobe University and Charles Sturt University to provide students with seamless transition from TAFE to university. SuniTAFE diploma and advanced diploma graduates gain credit into a variety of university programs, thereby reducing the duration of study required to achieve a degree. Guaranteed entry into a university degree is also offered from several SuniTAFE certificates.


SuniTAFE’s success is very important to the people of Sunraysia. We understand the social wellbeing of the community is closely aligned to the health of the region’s economy. With Industry in the Mallee region predicted to experience a spike in growth over the coming decade, businesses will be relying on SuniTAFE in being prepared to meet that growth.

It is our role to work closely with Industries and businesses to ensure our course content properly reflects their skill demands. Collaboratively, we have developed tailor-made programs to help ensure the viability of each sector into the future. In doing so, SuniTAFE is a valued member of community, contributing to the region’s social growth.