About our region

About our region

Mildura and Swan Hill are situated in Victoria’s north-west. Its region’s landscape ranges from mallee vegetation to grain farms, intensive horticulture, vibrant towns and the beautiful banks of the Murray River.

The region’s population of around 80,000 people is culturally diverse, giving it a cosmopolitan flavour. From the Murray River to the National Parks and dryland farming districts, the region includes significant natural assets that are the hallmark of the district.

Mildura is known as the centre of Victoria’s food bowl and is a major horticultural producer. Fruit sourced from the region is famous for its quality, the rich soil contributing to optimal production. Mildura has become a key service and economic hub of inland Australia and is recognised as being one of the top two fastest growing inland regions in the county.

Mildura and Swan Hill enjoy a warm to mild climate, and days are mostly clear with 100+ days of full sunshine each year. Rainfall is about 290mm a year and is spread evenly across the months and seasons.

Both Mildura and Swan Hill are easy to travel by bicycle, as both are fairly flat. Despite it’s name, Swan Hill isn’t hilly.

To find out more about Mildura, visit Mildura Tourism, Live and Work in the Mildura Region, and Grow Mildura Region. To find out more about Swan Hill, visit Swan Hill Region.

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