• Q&A Sessions

Q&A Sessions

Learn more about SuniTAFE courses, watch an information video or join in a live Q & A session.
The below videos are recordings of live Q&A sessions from Online Careers Week 2020 and are still current. If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch.
2020 Q&A Sessions
A career In Beauty
A career in Construction and Trades 
A career in Automotive, Engineering, Transport and Logistics 
A career in Food and Hospitality 
A career in in Horticulture & Agriculture 
A career in Leadership, Management & Business  
A career in Early Childhood
A career in Community Services  
A career in Heavy Vehicle  
A career in Nursing  
Industry on the Couch
VETDSS Options for 2021
Apprenticeships and Traineeships

2021 Course Information sessions

2021 course and information sessions can be booked via Eventbrite. Click the links below to register to attend a session.
2021 Information Sessions
Transition to Study - Skills and Jobs Centre
23rd August 2021 - 11am
Stepping into your future
23rd August 2021 - 3pm
General Educations, learn English
24th August 2021 - 10am
Job Preparation
24th August 2021 - 11am
A career in Accounting
24th August 2021 - 2pm
A career in Individual support
24th August 2021 - 2pm
A career in IT
24th August 2021 - 2pm
VETDSS information session
24th August 2021 - 3pm
Come join our team and work for SuniTAFE
24th August 2021 - 3pm
Resume revival
25th August 2021 - 11am
Skills Recognition
25th August 2021 - 2pm
Chances for Children Scholarships
25th August 2021 - 3pm
A career in Design & Visual Arts
25th August 2021 - 3pm
Stepping into your future
26th August 2021 - 11am
A career in Conservation land management
26th August 2021 - 2pm
Early school leaver information session
26th August 2021 - 3pm
A career in Nursing
27th August 2021 - 10am
Jobs In demand
27th August 2021 - 11am
Resume Revival
27th August 2021 - 3pm