Koorie Support

Koorie Support
Koorie Support
SuniTAFE’s Dulka Yuppata Koorie Cultural Centre (Mildura) and Telkaya Centre (Swan Hill) provides support and assistance to Koorie learners.

The Centres incorporate gathering spaces for students and the community, art gallery and a library of Indigenous resources. 

Staff work in the community to raise awareness of SuniTAFE and cooperate with organisations and individuals to provide leadership and direction in education, cultural and social activities. 

Koorie Liaison Officers support students in all areas of mainstream and Koorie specific courses.  

They can assist with:

•    Abstudy
•    Time management
•    Counselling 
•    Scholarship information
•    Essay writing tutors 
•    Information on courses available 
•    Assistance with award applications
•    Referral to support services.