MEM40105 Certificate IV in Engineering

Award Course
Cricos Code 071251D


The Certificate IV in Engineering takes your trades career to the next level giving you additional training and specialist skills. You can select your units to match your current job role and future needs.


Employment outcomes related to this qualification are found in a wide variety of manufacturing and engineering related sectors as well as Higher Engineering Tradesperson or a Special Class Engineering Tradesperson - Level II related roles in other industries.


Further training pathways from this course include MEM50105 Diploma of Engineering - Advanced Trade.

Course Delivery

Apprentices are signed up for 4 years however this package is competency based meaning some apprentices may complete in less time.

Entry Requirements

We prefer that students in this course are currently employed in a relevant role in an engineering environment or have previously completed the Certificate III in Engineering or possess sufficient workplace experience. You will need to provide your own safe footwear and appropriate clothing. All other personal protection equipment (PPE) is provided by SuniTAFE. You will need to be able to use a computer to create your assignments and carry out research. If you aren't confident in your basic IT skills you may like to consider building some of these skills before you apply. Each student will undertake a Pre-Training Review before enrolling to help confirm the proposed course is suitable. It will provide valuable information about an individual's existing skills and knowledge, language, literacy and numeracy skills and whether the course will help in achieving learning and/or employment goals.

Expected Time to Complete

4 Years

Units & Assessment
Core Units
Code Unit Name Hours Material
MEM12023A Perform engineering measurements 30 $36.00
MEM12024A Perform computations 30 $36.00
MEM13014A Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment 10 $15.00
MEM14004A Plan to undertake a routine task 10 $15.00
MEM14005A Plan a complete activity 20 $24.00
MEM15002A Apply quality systems 20 $24.00
MEM15024A Apply quality procedures 10 $15.00
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information 20 $24.00
MEM16007A Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment 10 $15.00
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology 20 $24.00
MEM17003A Assist in the provision of on the job training 20 $24.00
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 30 $36.00
Elective Units
Code Unit Name Hours Material
MEM05004C Perform routine oxy acetylene welding 20 $24.00
MEM05005B Carry out mechanical cutting 20 $24.00
MEM05006C Perform brazing and or silver soldering 20 $24.00
MEM05007C Perform manual heating and thermal cutting 20 $24.00
MEM05008C Perform advanced manual thermal cutting, gouging and shaping 20 $24.00
MEM05009C Perform automated thermal cutting 20 $24.00
MEM05010C Apply fabrication, forming and shaping techniques 80 $96.00
MEM05011D Assemble fabricated components 80 $96.00
MEM05012C Perform routine manual metal arc welding 20 $24.00
MEM05015D Weld using manual metal arc welding process 40 $48.00
MEM05016C Perform advanced welding using manual metal arc welding process 40 $48.00
MEM05017D Weld using gas metal arc welding process 40 $48.00
MEM05018C Perform advanced welding using gas metal arc welding process 40 $48.00
MEM05019D Weld using gas tungsten arc welding process 40 $48.00
MEM05020C Perform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process 40 $48.00
MEM05026C Apply welding principles 40 $48.00
MEM05037C Perform geometric development 60 $72.00
MEM05042B Perform welds to code standards using flux core arc welding process 60 $72.00
MEM05043B Perform welds to code standards using gas metal arc welding process 60 $72.00
MEM05044B Perform welds to code standards using gas tungsten arc welding process 60 $72.00
MEM05045B Perform pipe welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process 60 $72.00
MEM05046B Perform welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process 60 $72.00
MEM05049B Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding 20 $24.00
MEM05050B Perform routine gas metal arc welding 20 $24.00
MEM05051A Select welding processes 20 $24.00
MEM05052A Apply safe welding practices 40 $48.00
MEM05053A Set and edit computer controlled thermal cutting machines 40 $48.00
MEM05054A Write basic nc/cnc programs for thermal cutting machines 40 $48.00
MEM07005C Perform general machining 80 $96.00
MEM07006C Perform lathe operations 40 $48.00
MEM07007C Perform milling operations 40 $48.00
MEM07008D Perform grinding operations 40 $48.00
MEM07011B Perform complex milling operations 40 $48.00
MEM07015B Set computer controlled machines/processes 20 $24.00
MEM07016C Set and edit computer controlled machines/processes 40 $48.00
MEM07018C Write basic NC/CNC programs 40 $48.00
MEM07019C Program NC/CNC machining centre 20 $24.00
MEM07020C Program multiple spindle and/or multiple axis NC/CNC machining centre 20 $24.00
MEM07021B Perform complex lathe operations 40 $48.00
MEM07024B Operate and monitor machine/process 40 $48.00
MEM07028B Operate computer controlled machines/processes 20 $24.00
MEM07029B Perform routine sharpening/maintenance of production tools and cutters 40 $48.00
MEM07032B Use workshop machines for basic operations 20 $24.00
MEM09002B Interpret technical drawing 40 $48.00
MEM09003B Prepare basic engineering drawing 80 $96.00
MEM09005B Perform basic engineering detail drafting 80 $96.00
MEM09006B Perform advanced engineering detail drafting 40 $48.00
MEM09009C Create 2D drawings using computer aided design system 80 $96.00
MEM09010C Create 3D models using computer aided design system 40 $48.00
MEM09022A Create 2D code files using computer aided manufacturing system 40 $48.00
MEM09023A Create 3D code files using computer aided manufacturing system 60 $72.00
MEM10003B Install and test electrical wiring and circuits up to 1000 volts a.c. and 1500 volts d.c. 120 $144.00
MEM11010B Operate mobile load shifting equipment 40 $48.00
MEM11011B Undertake manual handling 20 $24.00
MEM12002B Perform electrical/electronic measurement 20 $24.00
MEM12003B Perform precision mechanical measurement 20 $24.00
MEM12006C Mark off/out (general engineering) 40 $48.00
MEM12007D Mark off/out structural fabrications and shapes 40 $48.00
MEM16005A Operate as a team member to conduct manufacturing, engineering or related activities 20 $24.00
MEM16012A Interpret technical specifications and manuals 40 $48.00
MEM18001C Use hand tools 20 $24.00
MEM18002B Use power tools/hand held operations 20 $24.00
MEM18003C Use tools for precision work 40 $48.00
MEM18004B Maintain and overhaul mechanical equipment 40 $48.00
MEM18005B Perform fault diagnosis, installation and removal of bearings 40 $48.00
MEM18006C Repair and fit engineering components 60 $72.00
MEM18009B Perform levelling and alignment of machines and engineering components 40 $48.00
MEM18011C Shut down and isolate machines/equipment 20 $24.00
MEM18012B Perform installation and removal of mechanical seals 20 $24.00
MEM18013B Perform gland packing 20 $24.00
MEM18018C Maintain pneumatic system components 40 $48.00
MEM18019B Maintain pneumatic systems 40 $48.00
MEM18020B Maintain hydraulic system components 40 $48.00
MEM18021B Maintain hydraulic systems 40 $48.00
MEM18022B Maintain fluid power controls 80 $96.00
MEM18046B Fault find/repair electrical equipment/components up to 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c. 100 $120.00
MEM18049C Disconnect/reconnect fixed wired equipment up to 1000 volts a.c./1500 volts d.c. 30 $36.00
MEM18055B Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components 30 $36.00
MEM30012A Apply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment 40 $48.00
MSMENV472 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices 40 $48.00

Course Assessment

  • Observation and oral questioning
  • Practical task
  • Knowledge based test
Your particular units of study will be determined from the core and elective units required for this qualification.

RPL is a formal assessment process that recognises relevant skills and knowledge you have already gained through previous training, work and life experiences. Contact the Institute today to discuss your options for RPL.

Indicative Fees

Government Subsidised $6,185
Concession $2,512
Apprenticeship $5,485
Apprenticeship Concession $2,380
RPL Government Subsidised $2,774
RPL Concession $555
RPL Self-funded $4,161
Self-Funded $7,572

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Average total fees include designated materials and will vary according to your specific unit choices and other factors.

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

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Intake Campus Course Details
2020 Ongoing Enrolment Swan Hill Campus Classroom Based, Full Year
2020 Ongoing Enrolment Mildura Campus Classroom Based, Full Year