AHC50316 Diploma of Production Horticulture

Award Course
This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding


Develop the essential skills for the production horticulture industry. Enhance your career opportunities or capabilities in the sector as a manager, individual or owner operator in one or more of the following production horticulture skills areas: Horticultural Production Plans, Staff Management, Plant Health, Chemical Use Strategies, Soils, Irrigation Maintenance and monitoring, Quality Assurance, Harvesting and Machinery Management.


Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include: Production horticulture farm manager.


Further training pathways from this qualification include, but are not limited to, the Advanced Diploma of Agriculture.

Course Delivery

MILDURA: Full-time studies on campus four (4) days a week. Off campus flexible delivery is available. All delivery options have ongoing enrolments. SWAN HILL: Part-time studies on campus one (1) night a week. Off campus flexible delivery is available. All delivery options have ongoing enrolments. This course is an approved VET FEE-HELP/VET Student Loan course. The Vet Student Loan maximum tuition fee cap is $5,000. For more information: https://www.sunitafe.edu.au/apply/vet-fee-help-vet-student-loans

Entry Requirements

Access to a production horticultural enterprise is highly recommended. Each student will undertake a Pre-Training Review before enrolling to help confirm the proposed course is suitable. It will provide valuable information about an individual's existing skills and knowledge, language, literacy and numeracy skills and whether the course will help in achieving learning and/or employment goals.

Expected Time to Complete

1 Years

Units & Assessment
Elective Units
Code Unit Name Hours Material
AHCBUS402 Cost a project 50 $30.00
AHCBUS404 Operate within a budget framework 50 $30.00
AHCBUS501 Manage staff 140 $30.00
AHCBUS502 Market products and services 120 $30.00
AHCBUS508 Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports 140 $30.00
AHCCHM501 Develop and manage a chemical use strategy 80 $30.00
AHCIRG408 Schedule irrigations 50 $30.00
AHCIRG502 Design irrigation system maintenance and monitoring programs 80 $30.00
AHCMOM501 Manage machinery and equipment 90 $30.00
AHCMOM502 Implement a machinery management system 130 $30.00
AHCNSY402 Plan a propagation program 120 $30.00
AHCPCM501 Diagnose plant health problems 120 $30.00
AHCPHT402 Develop a crop regulation program 100 $30.00
AHCPHT404 Implement and monitor a horticultural crop harvesting program 100 $30.00
AHCPHT502 Develop a horticultural production plan 180 $30.00
AHCSOL402 Develop a soil use map for a property 100 $30.00
AHCSOL501 Monitor and manage soils for production projects 120 $30.00
AHCWAT502 Manage water systems 120 $30.00
AHCWHS501 Manage work health and safety processes 90 $30.00

Course Assessment

  • Observation and oral questioning
  • Project
  • Practical task
  • Portfolio
  • Knowledge based test
  • Written task
  • Third party report
Your particular units of study will be determined from the core and elective units required for this qualification.

RPL is a formal assessment process that recognises relevant skills and knowledge you have already gained through previous training, work and life experiences. Contact the Institute today to discuss your options for RPL.

Indicative Fees

Government Subsidised $5,295 $5,295
Concession $1,295 $1,295
RPL Government Subsidised $2,321 $2,321
RPL Concession $508 $508
RPL Self-funded $3,481 $3,481
Self-Funded $6,455 $6,455

Concession for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses applies only to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Concession for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses applies only to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Average total fees include designated materials and will vary according to your specific unit choices and other factors.

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment.

For information on refunds in relation to withdrawals, transfers and cancellations refer to the following policies and procedures.
Refund of Course Fees Policy
Student Withdrawal and Refund of Course Fees Procedure

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