More facilities

More facilities

SuniTAFE’s major facilities include its Mildura child care centre, library, restaurant, Student Residences and auditorium. It also has a number of smaller facilities of potential interest to students and visitors.


There is an ATM located near Student Administration at the Mildura Campus. There is a public ATM next door to the Robinvale Campus.

All campuses have EFTPOS facilities for the payment of fees and purchasing of goods and services.

Breast feeding & baby changing facilities

Facilities are available to feed and change babies near the Mildura Student Administration area. At the Swan Hill and Robinvale campuses, Student Administration staff are able to make suitable arrangements for you.

Bus services

Local bus services serve the Mildura, Swan Hill, and Robinvale campuses. Additional bus services for Koorie students are also available at the Mildura and Swan Hill campuses. Please see the pages for those locations for more details.

Bus ticket discounts (concessions) are available for some Australian residents. This includes full time secondary and TAFE students and people with a health care card.

Please note that a school or SuniTAFE ID card is not sufficient discount ID for NSW resident students aged 16 or older, or Victorian resident students aged 17 or over. They require a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card, NSW Tertiary Student Concession Card , Indentured Apprentice/Trainee NSW Transport Concession Card or NSW Senior Secondary Student Concession Card.

Please contact Public Transport Victoria, Transport for NSW, or your local bus company for more details.


If you need to know where something is on campus, go to the Student Administration area at the front of the campus, and ask one of the people at the desk. They will be happy to explain where everything is.

First aid

Each campus has staff with current first aid certification and equipment distributed throughout each part of it so medical issues can be dealt with promptly. The Mildura Campus also has a dedicated first aid room with additional facilities. This room is located in Building A near the main entrance.

If you have an accident or other medical problem while in class, please tell the nearest member of staff. They will contact the appropriate people for you.

In an emergency, an ambulance will be called to attend. Any student who is injured on site and requires medical attention will have an ambulance called at the cost of the student. It is advised that all students have current ambulance cover. Staff will contact relatives or friends to transport students home. Staff are not permitted to dispense drugs, including paracetamol and aspirin.

Payphones & fax machines

There are public telephones at the Mildura and Swan Hill campuses, and a short walk from the Robinvale and Mallee campuses.

At the Mildura Campus, there is a phone near Student Administration, and another one near the Auditorium. There is also a free taxi phone in the Student Support Services area near the main entrance.

In Swan Hill, there is a phone in Building A, and another one in Building B.

If you need to send or receive a fax while at any campus, please talk to Student Administration or Library staff.

Study rooms

Students can book a room to study in for free. In Mildura, please contact the Library for details. At our other campuses, please talk to Student Administration.


Most parts of our campuses are a short distance from toilets. The Student Administration and teaching staff are able to give details if required.