National Centre for Sustainability
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National Centre for Sustainability

National Centre for Sustainability

The National Centre for Sustainability (NCS) operates from the Mildura & Swan Hill campuses of SuniTAFE. It works with local stakeholders, community and government agencies to achieve sustainability gains in land and water management across the region. To achieve this, the Centre:

  • identifies potential sustainability gains
  • initiates sustainability projects
  • engages community partners
  • enhances the capacity of partners
  • implements physical change
  • provides project management

The NCS works with community partners to make our landscapes and natural resources more sustainable.

It acts as a project broker, harnessing resources, coordinating teams and project managing initiatives that improve the physical sustainability of our natural resources, while developing the capacity of communities to implement positive change.

The Mildura Eco Village is the Centre’s latest project in collaboration with Mildura Rural City Council, the Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group, the Christie Centre, Mildura Development Corporation and the Sunraysia Sustainability Network.

Current projects within the Village include:

  • Education Centre – a multi-purpose community education facility displaying sustainable design elements, building practices and technologies.
  • A solar distillation demonstration site – a series of solar powered distillation panels, to produce distilled water from contaminated, stormwater or saline water sources for irrigation on landscaped areas at the Village.
  • Community garden and sustainable play area – The community garden will feature as the heart and soul of the garden area.
  • Eco House – The refurbished eco house that has been redesigned and retrofitted with a range of energy and water saving features in order to be used as a demonstration facility.

At the Swan Hill Campus the National Centre for Sustainability works out of the Tower Hill Eco Demonstration Centre which showcases different techniques for sustainable building.