Start Date: 30 May 2022
End Date: 30 May 2022

Click here to book your Graduation & Awards Mildura ticket via the MAC Website

When: 5.30pm, Monday 30 May 2022

Where: Mildura Arts Centre (199 Cureton Ave, Mildura VIC 3500)

Who: Diploma and Advance Diploma students will be invited to attend alongside award nominees and sponsors  

Mildura Campus - Graduation and Awards

Click here to book your Graduation & Awards Mildura ticket via the MAC Website

Your Invitations are on the way!

Invitations to the Mildura Graduation and Awards evening will be posted out the week commencing May 9th to all eligible students. Graduands and Award nominees are allocated a ticket for themselves and two complimentary tickets for guests. If you are an apprentice or trainee, you will have a ticket for yourself, one for your employer plus one complimentary guest ticket. Additional available tickets will be released closer to the ceremony date.


How do I RSVP, reserve & collect my complimentary tickets?

RSVP/bookings need to be made by May 23 by visiting the MAC website (click here).
You need to reserve your tickets by contacting the Mildura Arts Centre between Wednesday May 11th and Monday 23rd May 2022. It cannot be guaranteed that they will be available after this date, as unclaimed tickets will be released for general allocation. Mildura Arts Centre ticket office: 03 5018 8330 or 

Why do I need to arrive by 5:30pm?

It’s important to arrive at the Mildura Arts Centre and report your attendance and present your ticket (provided by the MAC when booking) to the registration desk by 5.30pm at the latest. A light supper will be served upon arrival at the venue, from 5.30 pm to 6.15 pm. Drinks will be available at bar prices. Guests are asked to be seated in the Auditorium by 6.20pm for the ceremony to begin at 6.30pm.


What do I do when I arrive on the evening?

Graduands, Apprentices and Trainees: After reporting your attendance to the registration desk, you will be given directions by SuniTAFE staff about the proceedings of the evening and seating arrangements. If you are a Diploma or Advanced Diploma Graduand you will wear a gown and sash, supplied by SuniTAFE on the evening, worn over your attire.

Graduands should leave all bags/cameras/valuables with guests on the night or at the Arts Centre cloakroom. All graduation gowns and sashes are to be returned at the conclusion of formalities and family/group photos.  

When do my guests need to arrive?

If you have invited guests coming, they will need to arrive by 6.00pm to be seated by 6.20pm. Light supper will be served from 5.45pm in the Arts Centre foyer. Drinks will be available at bar prices. Remember, your guests will need a ticket.

I’m an Award Nominee, what do I do on the evening?

All Award Nominees will be invited to the evening and will be listed in the program. All nominees will need to report to the registration desk on arrival.   

The winner of each of the award categories will be announced on the night. Only the award winners will be called onto the stage for the presentation of the award. Following this, award winners and the relevant award sponsor, will be escorted off-stage for a professional photograph, prior to being lead back into the Auditorium. 


What will I wear to the evening?

The dress code for the evening is smart casual or semi-formal. If you are a graduand or award winner you will be required to negotiate steps up to an elevated stage, so please dress appropriately.  


What I receive on the evening?

You will receive a graduation tube for the presentation and photo as you should have already received the accredited certificate.  If you have not received your certificate, please contact the Mildura SuniTAFE Campus on 03 5022 3666.

What should I expect on the night?

  • You will be called to the stage to shake hands and collect your graduation tube. 
  • You will not be required to speak.
  • Once you have received your graduation tube/ certificate, you will walk off stage and proceed to the foyer where a professional photo will be taken. You will then be directed back to you seat.
  • There will be a number of awards presented. 


We are keen to ensure that all graduands, apprentices, trainees and award winners are recognised on the night.  We welcome the enthusiasm and applause of all attendees as they are presented with their certificate or award.  In respect to other graduands or award winners we ask that all attendees and their guests remain in the Arts Centre Auditorium until the conclusion of the evening at approx. 8.30pm.


Will there be professional photos taken?

Diploma and Adv. Diploma graduands will have a group photo taken prior to the commencement of the ceremony.  Graduands will be gowned and should ensure that they are not holding bags, tickets or other material to ensure this process moves smoothly.

The event photographer will take a group photo of Apprentices and Trainees at the conclusion of the ceremony, as well as a group photo of the award winners. All students in attendance, as well as award sponsors and VIPs are deemed to have provided consent to have their photo taken. If you do not wish to have your photo taken please contact or alternately you can let the photographer know on the night.

Can my family take photos during the ceremony?

Guests are welcome to take photographs of the Graduation Ceremony and award winners. Darren Seiler Photography will take a professional photograph of all graduands and award winners during the ceremony.  Photographs will be available following the evening. 
A closed photo platform will be set up and you will be able to review and download one complimentary photo one week after the event – details of how will be shared with you.


What time does the Graduation and Awards Evening conclude?

The ceremony will commence in the auditorium at 6.30pm and will conclude at approximately 8.30pm. There will be no intervals during the evening and drinks and a light supper will be served at the conclusion of formalities in the foyer of the Arts Centre.  

Our event photographer (Darren Seiler) will also be on hand to take photographs in the foyer. Please be advised that if you, or your guests do not wish to have their photo taken they should alert Darren directly or contact following the event.