Career Spotlight on Irrigation Specialists

09 Mar 2022

At SuniTAFE, we offer a range of horticulture and agriculture courses which will prepare you for your career. Did you know, a Certificate IV in Irrigation Management could help you land a job as an Irrigation Specialist? 

What is an Irrigation Specialist?

Irrigation Specialists oversee the use of water resources to maintain healthy soil and crops. They prepare water budgets, create irrigation schedules, measure water usage and monitor plant health. Managers also develop a maintenance schedule for the irrigation system and work closely with the farm manager and maintenance personnel to implement the schedule.

Irrigation specialists also design and install irrigation systems. In addition, they inspect, audit, adjust and repair the systems to ensure they perform at maximum efficiency and conserve water. They work in large horticultural enterprises, family run and corporate, residential, and commercial environments as well as for municipalities and in sports turf management. 

Technology has played an increasingly important role in SMART watering systems with computerised controls becoming common and zoned systems now used to balance landscape needs. In fact, with such advances and with the important responsibilities these professionals have in safeguarding the nation’s water supply, many locations now require irrigation tasks to be performed by licensed irrigation specialists. If you’re interested in completing your Certificate IV in Irrigation Management, enquire today! 

If irrigation isn’t your thing but you’re still interested in horticulture and agriculture, take a look at our other courses.