Supporting early school leavers and other high needs learners to re-engage and succeed in their employment, education & training. The Reconnect program is an initiative that is aimed to assist vulnerable young people or high need learners to re-engage in education and training. This can include developing a learning and achievement plan, structured support supervised workplace experience and additional support to students when transitioning to employment or further training. 

How it works

The Reconnect program is driven largely by support and encouragement. Once eligibility has been confirmed, participants can expect to:

  • Have their learning and non-learning needs and career goals assessed, and an agreed learning plan developed
  • Receive support to commence and stay in vocational education and training
  • Be able to access supervised workplace experience to increase their employability, and
  • Receive ongoing support as they transition to employment or further training
  • ​Receive some assistance towards fees for an agreed accredited course

Who can access Skills First Reconnect

Learners referred to Skills First Reconnect must:

  • Be high-needs learners aged 17 to 19 who have not completed year 12 or equivalent and are not in education, training or full time employment; or
  • Be individuals aged 20 to 64 who have not completed year 12 or equivalent and who are long-term unemployed.

Applications are also encouraged by the following equity groups

  • Parents returning to work
  • Indigenous Australians
  • People with a disability
  • People with low literacy and numeracy
  • People who are physically isolated
  • Young mothers
  • ​Highly marginalised groups such as offenders, drug and alcohol dependants or homeless

Support for learners

Vulnerable young people who leave school early and the long-term unemployed often face multiple barriers to learning and transitioning to the workforce. The risk of disengagement is high unless targeted services are available to support these learners back into education, training or employment.

With the right support, these learners stand to gain the most in terms of increases in participation, employment and income.

Please call 1300 478 648 and ask to speak to one of our friendly Reconnect team members or email us at

Funding for the 2018 Skills First Reconnect Progam is being provided by the Victorian Government, through the Department of Educaiton and Training.