Student financial support, loans and discounts

Student financial support, loans and discounts

Australian residents may be eligible to receive a variety of fee help, government grants, subsidies and student loans to help them study with us.

Study support payments

Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY are support payments intended to cover a student’s general living expenses. Many Australians are eligible for one of these payments. Please contact the Department of Human Services for more details.

Students who are single parents, caring for someone with special needs or are receiving the Disability Support Pension may be eligible for the Pensioner Education Supplement. Please contact the Department of Human Services for more details.

The Support for Adult Australian Apprentices initiative can provide support payments to both apprentices aged 25 and over, and their employers. Please contact us for details.

Tuition fee concessions and subsidies

An 80% tuition fee concession is available to eligible low income students enrolling in courses at Certificate IV level or lower. Students with a Commonwealth Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card are eligible, as are students who are the dependant spouse or child of a card holder.

An 80% tuition fee concession for Certificate IV and lower level courses is available to Australian military veterans holding a Veteran’s Gold Card.

An 80% tuition fee concession for almost all courses is available to students identifying as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

People who are transitioning out of Victorian state-based care may be eligible to pay no tuition fee for almost all courses.

Please see our fees and charges page for details of all these concessions.

The Victorian Training Guarantee provides a subsidy for people undertaking an approved Victorian course that is at a higher level than any they have studied before (other conditions apply). This subsidy is included when we give you a quote. Please contact us to learn more about it.

Student loans

Trade Support Loans are low interest loans for people studying approved trades, agriculture and horticulture courses (including apprenticeships). Trade Support Loans can be spent on anything you need to learn your trade, including tools.

VET Student Loans is a low interest loan scheme for approved Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Under both schemes, eligible students can avoid paying their course fees up front. They only need to start paying them once they earn a substantial wage ($54,869 for the 2016-2017 financial year). A low rate of interest is charged. Please note that VET Student Loans also includes a loan fee and can not be used to cover amenities, materials and some other fees and charges. Students should refer to the Institute’s VET Student Loans Student Entry Procedure for information on eligibility to access VET Student Loans.

Please contact us to talk more about these loan programs or visit our fees and charges page.

Child care support

If a student has children, they may be eligible for Jobs, Education and Training Child Care fee assistance. This offers additional assistance to the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. Our Mildura Campus is home to TAFE Kids, a centre offering child care and kindergarten services. It provides care to children of SuniTAFE students, staff and the general public. Child care services are also available in Swan Hill, Robinvale and Ouyen. Please contact us to find out more about the child care services and fee assistance available.

Software discounts

Some software companies provide substantial discounts to SuniTAFE students. These include Microsoft and Adobe. Please talk to the SuniTAFE Bookshop for details.

Rent assistance

Students may be eligible for government Rent Assistance to help with accommodation costs. Our Mildura Campus includes Student Residences which can provide students with single and shared rooms in close proximity to all our campus facilities. Please contact us for details about our residences, and the Department of Human Services for information about Rent Assistance.

Transport discounts

If a student lives near one of our campuses and plans to use a bus to attend classes, they may be eligible for a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card. This card gives students cheaper bus fares. Apprentices, people undertaking courses of less than ten weeks duration and part time students are not eligible. Please contact Public Transport Victoria for more details. NSW residents may be eligible for one of a number of student concession cards. Please contact Transport for NSW for details.

Students needing to leave home to attend one of our campuses may be eligible for the Fares Allowance. This can assist with up to three trips per year between the locality where you study and where you originally lived. This is in addition to any discounts gained from the use of a concession card. To learn more about the Fares Allowance, please contact the Department of Human Services.

Tax offsets

Students (or their legal guardians) may be able to claim some education related expenses on their tax return, reducing tax costs. If you wish to pursue this, please talk to a qualified accountant.