Studying at SuniTAFE for International students

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Study support

Regular meetings are held between teaching and support staff and students to review their progress and discuss any issues that may arise. Teachers can assist students during their adjustment to the Australian learning environment and will provide strategies associated with classroom participation, effective study and assessment techniques.

Student counselling services

SuniTAFE’s Student Support Services can assist students with academic or personal issues causing stress or anxiety and help with time management. Student counsellors also assist you in adjusting to living abroad and maintaining a good lifestyle in your new environment.


To help make your transition to study at SuniTAFE easier we have a dedicated and supportive International Students Unit. On your arrival you are given an orientation program to familiarise yourself with your new learning environment. Our staff at the International Students Unit will look after your needs from the time you make an enquiry to your arrival on campus. This includes assistance with finding accommodation, connecting to local services and community, and familiarising yourself with Mildura.

Learning & assessment

Assessment will be equitable for all students and will take into account cultural and linguistic needs. Successful completion of a course requires demonstration of competency to workplace standards as set out in the training qualification standards. Assessment is on-going throughout a course and not just at the end of a course. A range of assessment practices are used by our teachers to assess competency for courses including:

  • Practical demonstrations in simulated work conditions
  • Problem solving
  • Assignments/folios
  • Journals
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Projects
  • Group activities
  • Ongoing in-class testing


The Australian Government offers international students educational development opportunities through Australia Awards.

Results and certificates

Statements of Results become available after the completion of each semester. You may be required to undergo re-assessment during a period at the end of a semester. Your course will not be complete until you have completed all of the course requirements.


Classes are usually held from Monday to Friday between 9am to 3pm. Student timetables will vary each semester depending on the subjects being studied.

Your semester dates will also vary slightly based on your subjects. This list shows approximate semester dates. Please consult your teacher or personal timetable for your exact dates.

Some days are public holidays. Our campuses are closed on these days.

Vocational programs

SuniTAFE offers vocational courses to International students from AQF Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma). The term ‘Vocational’ relates to job or career skills. Vocational courses are specifically designed to prepare students with practical skills and knowledge required in a particular job. As such, these courses are more practical and less theoretical than university level courses. They also provide an insight into Australian regulations and education system as well as an opportunity to improve English language skills.

Short courses

SuniTAFE offers a range of short courses to follow a personal interest or upgrade your skills to further your career and gain accreditation to keep up with industry compliance and licensing requirements. The certificate gained from a short course can be used as credit towards a full qualification. Courses include Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG), coffee making and food handling.

Tailored study tour program

SuniTAFE can tailor a study tour program for a group of students with a focus on their particular study needs. Programs can include English language classes and/or vocational training and cultural activities.

Credit transfer

International students may be eligible for credit from previous studies they have undertaken in Australia. Credit transfer may be granted on the basis of previous study of the same or similar modules/units of competency.

Skills recognition

You may be eligible for skills recognition based on your previous study and work history. You may enquire about the skills recognition application after commencing your training and education and will involve the collection of evidence for relevant experience so that competencies can be assessed.

Student Visa conditions

International students on a student visa (and their families) are required to comply with a number of visa conditions. Breaching a visa condition may result in the cancellation of your visa.

Notification of change of provider

Students must notify the SuniTAFE International Students Unit of your intention to move to another institution within seven days of issue of an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) by your new provider.

Item charges

  • Telegraphic Transfer of Tuition (credit for overcharges will be made against next semester tuition fees if TT fee is less than A$30) – A$30
  • No show for pre-booked arrival reception service – A$100
  • Penalty for late tuition fee payment – A$50