We are open for 2022 enrolment.

While the whole world is tree-changing and career-changing, we have been doing quite a lot of changing too. That’s why we are so glad you are thinking about studying at SuniTAFE right now. Because you know what you are passionate about, and we know where the future opportunities are and how to take you there. Since our teachers are industry professionals in their own right, what you learn will be based on real-life practice. Our facilities and equipment are always being renewed to incorporate the technology and standards required by industry too. 

Our classes are dynamic enough to be interesting and small enough for you to be important. You might even be eligible for a FREE TAFE or a Job Trainer benefit to help you achieve your goals. More than ever, the skills you need to build your career are right here at SuniTAFE. So, enough of the waiting. We can help you plan your career, or you can jump straight in and enrol now. We look forward to welcoming you on board. 2022 will be the year we make life happen together.