Linda Ding

20 Dec 2022

Linda Ding
My name is Linda. I am from the coastal city of Rizhao, located in East China. I am currently enrolled at SuniTAFE and completing Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping. I will be continuing my studies to finish a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Accounting, which will then guide me to complete a Bachelor of Accounting at La Trobe University.

When I came to Australia four years ago, I held a Working Holiday visa and worked on farms from Mildura to Queensland. I found Australia to be such a beautiful country with friendly people and endless opportunities. I also found Australia's education system to be first-rate.

I travelled to many places in Australia. Then, after three and half years working on farms, I decided to stay in Mildura and study with SuniTAFE because people are so nice and friendly in Mildura. I am very lucky to have met lots of good people. Jane Zhang from the International Department helped me a lot when I first came to Mildura. She helped me find a safe and warm home, encouraged me to do my schooling here, and gave me some accounting books to read before I applied for the course.

I love accounting and wish to have my own business in the future. My teacher Paul Hartl is such an excellent teacher. He has been incredibly patient as I've adjusted to studying in a foreign language, always being encouraging whilst I learn the subject material.

I am very lucky that I got a job at Zilzie Wines in the position of Accounts Payable Officer and Receptionist. I got this job just one week after I enrolled with SuniTAFE. Then, I got advanced on as a Payroll Officer after two and a half months of my employment. Now they have officially posted a job listing looking for a trainee receptionist and administration officer to fill my initial duties, so that I will be able to focus more on the accounting side of my work. This means that I can learn more and get some practical experience during my time there.

Without the great help from my teacher, Paul Hartl, I couldn’t have even imagined how this could happen. These past months have been very challenging, but rewarding as well. I am very fortunate.

I love to study at SuniTAFE. All the teachers and staff are so kind and helpful. Kathy Senior from Academic Support helps me with my English writing. Alison from the Community Engagement department helps me with my resume. Many other teachers and staff always gave a helping hand whenever I needed help. I am very grateful to them all.

I can see as an international student, SuniTAFE does not only provide me with training for my future career but is like a warm home, taking care of me and other international students. Teachers here don’t just teach basic knowledge and skills, they also guide me to grow and make achievements a little bit by a little bit. They are like the lighthouse in my life's journey.

I used to be so confused about my future, I used to always feel that there was something I wanted to achieve in life, but I didn’t know how. After a few months of studying accounting, I feel that I have a clear picture of my life goal, and I am confident about what I can achieve in the future.

Story written by student – Linda Ding

Watch Linda's video and hear what she loves about accounting and studying at SuniTAFE.