SuniTAFE Employer of the Year – Mildura Truck Centre

14 Apr 2023

Mildura Truck Centre (MTC) was presented with their Employer of the Year Award at an afternoon tea on Monday 3 April. 

The SuniTAFE Senior Leadership Team and representatives from the Heavy Automotive Department visited MTC to present them with their award and thank them for their prolonged support of the Institute. 

Mildura Truck Centre has made many contributions to the SuniTAFE Heavy Automotive Department, including the donation of training equipment and offering specialist training sessions.  

Service Manager of Mildura Truck Centre, Graeme Dunne says that the relationship between SuniTAFE and MTC has been long lasting.

“Our support started really strongly in Swan Hill. Then, when Heavy Automotive started in Mildura a few years ago, SuniTAFE was looking for industry partners to support them. Mildura Truck Centre along with truck specialists got involved and procured a Kenworth truck and some Izuzu trucks for their workshop.” 

These donations have enabled students to gain practical experience with equipment that is current and up-to-date, making them better prepared to enter the workforce with essential skills and knowledge. 

Mr Dunne has seen the positive impact their support has on students.

“We’ve always found that we achieve the best outcomes for our apprentices when we can train them locally. We find that they are happier locally trained. There’s less anxiety and we get better results.”

“That’s why we invest in SuniTAFE. It’s a relationship that only builds better apprentices for us,” Mr Dunne said. 

SuniTAFE thanks Mildura Truck Centre for their ongoing support.