Disability Support Services

SuniTAFE is committed to facilitating educational opportunities for students with a disability and provides a range of disability support services to make this commitment a reality. If you are a SuniTAFE student with a disability, you are able to receive support and reasonable adjustments to your course, in consultation with your teachers, to enable you to participate at a similar level to students without a disability.

If you have one of the following disabilities you may be eligible for extra support from the Disability Liaison Advisor (DLA) to help you complete your chosen course:
  • Physical disability
  • Mental health condition
  • Visual or hearing impairment
  • Intellectual disability
  • Learning disability
  • Medical or neurological condition

Disability Transition Officers – Coming Soon to SuniTAFE Mildura & Swan Hill 

The role of the Disability Transition Officer is to provide one-to-one specialised and intensive support for students with disabilities transitioning from secondary school (including specialist schools and alternate education settings) to SuniTAFE. Working within a ‘Team Around the Learner’ framework this position is responsible for oversight of case-management of students throughout their first 90 days of enrolment. The role will partner with secondary schools to develop understanding of the TAFE environment and share transition best practice within the Victorian TAFE Network. 

The DLA can help by providing:

  • Support when you enrol in your chosen course;
  • Reasonable adjustments to support your learning;
  • Liaison with teachers or assessors;
  • Adaptive technology, such as Read & Write TextHelp, ergonomic equipment, software for Vision Impairment;
  • Advice and referral;
  • Orientation to campus life;
  • Tutorial assistance;
  • Classroom participation assistance;
  • Alternative formatting; and
  • Counseling for disability issues.
Please contact your campus Disability Liaison Officer (DLA) as soon as possible to ensure that your adjustments are provided in a reasonable time frame.

Apprentice & Trainee Disability Support

Assistance is available for apprentices and trainees through the Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support and Assistance for Tutorial, Mentor and Interpreter Services (formerly known as DAAWS). The scheme helps provide tutorial, mentor and interpreter support to apprentices and trainees. It can also provide practical assistance to the person with a disability with off-the-job training components and financial incentives to prospective employers. The DLA works with the apprentice or trainee to provide the most appropriate support for their disability.

Contact SuniTAFE Disability Liaison Officers

SuniTAFE has DLA's located on site at both our Mildura and Swan Hill Campuses.

A DLA can meet with you to discuss your support needs either:

  • Face to face
  • Via Zoom/Teams or 
  • Telephone
Please contact by:
Phone: or SMS 0447 951 233 
Email: StudentSupportServices@sunitafe.edu.au