SMART Farm Technology

SMART Farm Technology
SMART Farm Technology
To enhance the SMART Farm’s future readiness, new innovative technology has been acquired:

Spray demonstration table

A demonstration table is used to enhance training presentations in pesticide and weedicide applications for safer and more effective results.  Students will now be able to see different perspectives of various spray nozzle characteristics.


This robotic farming machine can perform almost all processes prior to harvesting such as sowing, mechanical weed control and watering.  All it requires is power, an internet connection and water supply.


A system for insect monitoring and crop growth modelling.   


GoPro action cameras are being used to record virtual tours of the SuniTAFE SMART Farm site.  Whilst people may not be able to attend in person, they can still see first-hand the plans in place for the farm via a virtual tour. 

DJI Phantom Drone 

This drone is fitted with a MicaSense camera to obtain thermal, multi-spectral and high resolution RGB imagery. 

iMETOS (Pessl Instruments) 

A system for weather monitoring.  


A subscription to Nearmaps provides high resolution georeferenced aerial imagery of the SMART Farm. 

Safe Ag Systems 

A farm based Work Health and Safety digital system.

John Deere 5085GF Tractor

The tractor is fitted with JDLink and Generation 4 CommandCenter for remote display access to allow a qualified technician to connect virtually to the cab.  The tractor is also fitted with the John Deere Operations Centre and weather station to automatically record and collate real-time paddock data.

Additional technology includes:  

  • Phantom 4 drone
  • Virtual Reality goggles
  • Infrared temperature meter
  • Waterproof pocket wind meter
  • Digital refractometer
  • Digital soil compaction penetrometer
  • NPK soil test kit
  • Leaf chlorophyll content meter 
  • Fruit penetrometer
  • Chlorine meter and total Ch
  • Hydraulic sap press
  • Soil EC and temperature probe
  • Pellenc Chainsaw 
  • Telescopic Polesaw 
  • Electronic secateurs