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Update your skills and expand your horizons with a SuniTAFE Short Course. Our range of short courses are practical and professional, designed to help further your skills whilst you work or study. We offer short courses across industries to help get you into the career of your choice and keep you progressing.

Automotive & Engineering

Acquire the certifications you need to operate a forklift or enter into employment where heavy welding is required with an Automotive or Engineering short course at SuniTAFE.

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Business, IT, Accounting & Management

These short courses offer training in things such as spreadsheets, OHS and telecommunications, adding to your basic skills and providing the foundation to move into specialised areas within your field.

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Construction & Trades

Short courses to help you work safely in the solar or construction industries, work in confined spaces and at heights and also for using breathing apparatus.

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Food & Hospitality

Whether you want to move into working in hospitality where serving of alcohol is required or you're starting up your own business in the food industry, SuniTAFE will ensure you have the relevant certification for the job.

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Health & Community

Short courses to provide you with professional development and training to build your resume and advance your career in the health and community sector, including an Introduction to the NDIS and Course in Identifying and Responding to Family Violence Risk.

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Horticulture & Agriculture

Our chemical user and chemical user refresher courses ensure those working or intending to work in the horticulture and agriculture industries have the required training and qualifications for handling, storing and using chemicals.

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Featured Short Courses

Free Essential Farm Worker Training

Free online training using 3D video experiences to demonstrate essential skills and knowledge required to work on a farm. 

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Featured Short Courses

Infection Control

Free, short, accredited training to help customer-facing employees identify and manage the ongoing risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. 

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