Reasons to study at SuniTAFE

There are lots of reasons for choosing to study at SuniTAFE, from the beauty of the surrounding region, to the dedicated staff and high quality education, to the supportive and entertaining campus life on offer. In the following we list just 5 of the many good reasons why studying at SuniTAFE is a great choice for students from both Australia and overseas.

Number 1 - Location Location Location!

Our campuses are located in some of the most beautiful regional towns in Victoria, surrounded by spectacular countryside, next to the Murray River, and featuring more sunlight than anywhere else in Victoria. What more do you need to know?!

Number 2 - The Community 

We pride ourselves on our dedication to each and every student, with small class settings, state-of-the-art facilities on all our campuses, and comprehensive support services to ensure you get the very best from your time at SuniTAFE.

Number 3 - Affordability

Not only do we provide purpose-built student accommodation for those from remote areas, there is also highly affordable rental accommodation in the Mildura and Swan Hill districts. Add to this the fact that much of the food available throughout the area is grown locally, and is therefore cheap, and you're looking at a really affordable lifestyle.

Number 4 - The Food & Wine

Known around Australia for its gourmet delights, the Sunraysia area boasts a multitude of wineries, the Slow Food Mildura organisation, the Sunraysia Farmers Market, great cafes & restaurants, and local fruit farms, all on your doorstop.

Number 5 - Recreation & Lifestyle

For those who love the outdoors, there's no shortage of natural attractions to visit, given our proximity to the Murray & Loddon Rivers, the Willandra Lakes, Mungo National Park, to name just a few. And if arts & culture are more your thing, the region is home to over 300 community events and festivals a year, which pretty much fills up your weekend calendar with things to do. Mildura also has a fantastic arts precinct - Mildura Arts Centre & Gallery - which hosts world-class exhibitions and events throughout the year. In other words, there's never any reason to be bored!