Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre

Located on the Midura Campus, the Dulka Yuppata ('Place of Learning') Training Centre provides support and assistance to all Koorie learners enrolled at SuniTAFE, Mildura campus. 

The Telkaya ('to improve, to be peaceful and to be well') Centre is located at our Swan Hill campus. Telkaya provides support to Koorie learners enrolled at SuniTAFE’s Swan Hill campus. 

Koorie Liaison Officers (KLOs) are based at both the Mildura and Swan Hill campuses to assist students with all aspects of their studies and life at SuniTAFE. Centre staff also work in their local Koorie communities to raise awareness of SuniTAFE and the programs available.

Resources, Education & Training

Resources at Dulka Yuppata and Telkaya Training Centre’s incorporate student wellbeing spaces, community and meeting spaces, an art gallery and a library of Indigenous resources. 

Koorie training offered includes: 
  • Dulka Yuppata
    • Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCALFND001, VCALINT001, VCALSEN001)
    • Certificate II in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts (CUA20420)
  • Telkaya
    • Certificate II in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts (CUA20420)

Partnerships & Programs

SuniTAFE works in partnership with: To implement our Institute’s Wurreker [Koorie Training & Education] plan, SuniTAFE works in partnership with:


Please note that seats on the bus service are limited and allocations are made on a ‘first come, first served basis’. Contact the Koorie Liaison Officer to make arrangements or for more information.

Mildura bus

A bus pick up service is provided for all Koorie learners attending the Mildura Campus who live in the Mildura township area. If you are coming from another township it can be arranged for you to be picked up from certain bus stops. 

Swan Hill bus

A bus pick up service is provided for all Koorie students attending the Swan Hill Campus. Arrangements can made through the KLO on campus. Contact your Koorie Liaison Officer for more information.

Other Support

Fees: in extreme circumstances there is additional fee support for learners wishing to enrol in Koorie Programs delivered by the Dulka Yuppata and Telkaya Centres. Please contact your Koorie Liason Officer to enquire.

Additionally the Dulka Yuppata and Telkaya Centre provide the following learning support services:
  • Transport service
  • Monitored Koorie Learning, Pathway & Wellbeing Plans
  • Student counselling
  • Tutoring Support
  • Koorie Student Handbook
  • Koorie Student Wellbeing Room
  • Culturally Safe Environment
  • Trauma informed staff
  • Whole centre approach to prevention and promotion of wellbeing
  • Koorie teachers
  • Koorie support staff