What is Retention?

Retention is a program that supports you as a student alongside your teacher to guide you to reach your goals.

What can Retention do for me?

  • Referral to Student Support Services for academic support and/or personal support (counselling, wellbeing, disability support).
  • Facilitate one-on-one catch-up sessions with a teacher and ongoing individual mentoring.
  • Assistance with time management.
  • Discuss options such as exploring alternative training and assessment approaches or looking at different courses or study modes that might be more relevant to a student's needs.
  • Referral to a Koorie Liaison Officer.

Why has my teacher referred me to Retention?

Teachers are encouraged to refer students to Retention for additional support to help them achieve thier study goals.

Reasons a student may be referred to Retention:

  • Student is absent without prior notice for 2 consecutive classes in a particular unit and the teacher has not been able to make contact with the student.
  • Student has missed a submission date without explanation and a request for an extension has not been made, and the teacher is unable to make contact with the student.
  • Student is undertaking a flexible delivery course and misses 2 scheduled workshops or other scheduled activities, and the teacher has not been able to make contact with the student.
  • Student has not logged into SuniConnect for more than 2 weeks.
  • Student has indicated the course isn’t suitable and would like to consider other courses.

Retention Tips

  • Maintain contact with teachers and assessors - they are there to help.
  • Self-referral - reach out to a Retention Officer for support.
  • The maximum duration of any extension is 2 weeks.
  • The maximum number of extensions allowed per unit is 2.
Call 03 5022 3999 or email retention@sunitafe.edu.au