Graduation & Awards

SuniTAFE takes celebrating the achievements of our students, industry partners and staff very seriously, and the SuniTAFE Awards represent the pinnacle of achievement. SuniTAFE holds a graduation ceremony each year for those students who successfully complete a diploma or advanced diploma qualification.

There are a range of award categories designed to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our students, teachers, staff and employers from the Mildura and Swan Hill Campuses! These awards also include the presentations of local and SuniTAFE Scholarships such as the Chances for Children Scholarship, Dr Alan Antcliff AM Memorial Scholarship and more. Read all about these via our Scholarships page by clicking here. 


Award categories for Mildura & Swan Hill: 
1st Year - Apprentice of the Year 
2nd Year - Apprentice of the Year 
3rd Year - Apprentice of the Year 
Health High Achiever Award
Trainee of the Year
Foundation Student of the Year 
VET Student of the Year
Student of the Year – Academic (Certificate IV and Above)
International Student of the Year
Koorie Student of the Year
Board Excellence Award

Swan Hill Only:
VACC Outstanding 1st Year Apprentice - Automotive  
VACC Outstanding 2nd Year Apprentice – Automotive  
VACC Outstanding 3rd Year Apprentice - Automotive  
Garry Thompson  Memorial Achievement Award
David Beames Memorial Encouragement Award 

2021 Academic Year - Swan Hill Campus - Graduation and Awards Event 
When: June 24th 2022
Where: Swan Hill Town Hall (53-57 McCallum St, Swan Hill VIC 3585)
Click here for the event award winners and details.

2021 Academic Year - Mildura Campus - Graduation and Awards 
When: May 30th 2022
Where: Mildura Arts Centre (199 Cureton Ave, Mildura VIC 3500)
Click here for the event award winners and details. 

Click here for the Official 2021 Academic Year Program