SuniTAFE is committed to growing our educational and training offerings into the future, recognising that, as the economy and industry change, we need to be ahead of the curve. We must be able to provide our students with the knowledge and skills they need to negotiate the demands of a changing world. Here we highlight some of the programs and partnerships we are developing to lead SuniTAFE into the future.  

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Apprenticeships & Traineeships remain a key focus for SuniTAFE. These will continue to be developed and supported through the activities of the Skills & Jobs Centre.

Leadership Training

SuniTAFE has committed to a significant investment in its staff through leadership development and personal growth training. To further add to the success of the 2017 leadership development program, in April 2018 key industry stakeholders participated in an open forum that was hosted by SuniTAFE.


We are actively exploring options around reinstating the farm to its place of prominence in the community. Several initiatives and applications were undertaken in 2017 around new and innovative technologies and the feedback received from government has been very favourable. For more info, please see SuniTAFE SMART Farm.

Victorian Skills Commissioner

SuniTAFE’s future focus is in line with the outcomes of the Victorian Skills Commissioner as captured in the statement from the 2017 Regional Skills Demand Profile: 'Industries in the region face common challenges and opportunities in relation to training and employment. This includes improving student awareness, interest and exposure to careers in industry across the region.' As a result of this report, SuniTAFE’s future education focus will be on horticulture, transport, logistics, automotive and health.

SuniTAFE celebrated 40 years of providing education and training to the region in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 situation a commemorative lift out was developed.


The Loddon Mallee region is primarily supported by the horticulture industry. The horticulture sector is forecast to double over the next decade. Significant employment opportunities exist in the horticulture sector and interrelated service industries. Workforce supply issues pose challenges to sustaining that growth and SuniTAFE is committed to working alongside the sector on workforce development and training strategies to maximise the region’s potential.

Transport, Logistics and Automotive

The Loddon Mallee region is a significant transport hub, connecting Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. SuniTAFE’s placement at that strategic junction and proximity to many transport and related service businesses opens up a wide range of opportunities. Liaison with key Transport stakeholders has reinforced an urgent need to provide training and skills development to sustain industry productivity. There is significant unmet current and future demand for skilled employees in the industry, which also has an ageing workforce, with 20% of drivers approaching (or at) retirement age.

Health and Social Assistance

Healthcare and Social Assistance are collectively the largest employer in the Northern Mallee region, with significant projected workforce growth. A number of factors that were identified in the Victorian Skills Commissioner Report make health & related careers the most exciting future opportunity for SuniTAFE. These factors include an ageing population, launch of the NDIS in 2019 and the continued need for specialist health-based services in the region.