Student Support Services

A free and confidential service for students across all SuniTAFE campuses, SuniTAFE's Student Support Services aim to facilitate a positive learning environment for students by providing information, advocacy, resources, disability support, counselling, personal wellbeing & referral services to meet individual needs. 

Student Support Services staff provide support, advocacy, information and/or referral for:

  • Adjusting to study
  • Personal wellbeing 
  • Individual & group counselling 
  • Student complaints, appeals & conflict resolution
  • Support & resources for students with a disability
  • Management of time, stress & anxiety
  • Pathways and engagement support for youth and equity groups
  • Referral to other support and allied health services 

Our Policies

Any information you disclose to us is kept confidential unless you give permission to share that information with other people. If you have a chronic health condition or disability, the disability staff will work with you to assist you to participate fully in SuniTAFE life.

Student Support Services provides information and support to students and staff on student policies and processes in relation to (but not limited to) the Student Code of Conduct, privacy and release of student information, equal opportunity, harassment and discrimination, and the complaints and appeals process.

SuniTAFE works within government legislation to ensure students have equal benefits and opportunities, in an environment that values privacy, diversity and is inclusive of their learning needs. SuniTAFE embraces the values of responsiveness, integrity, impartiality, respect, leadership and human rights.

Contact Student Support

Team Leader Student Support Services - 0447 951 233

Mildura & Swan Hill Campuses

  • Disability Liaison Coordinator 
  • Academic Support Mentor 
  • Student Wellbeing Officer


Mobile: Call or text - 0447 951 233