• Industry Outlook
Transport, logistics and automotive are closely linked with broader agribusiness industries in the Region. Read more
Horticultural industries are supported in part by the Murray River, enjoying ~1000 km2 of irrigated horticulture along the corridor from Nyah in the south-east to the South Australian border in the north-west. Read more
Retail is characterised largely by traditional shopfronts, boutiques and family owned businesses. There are several large retailers in larger regional centres, such as the Country Target in Kerang and Harvey Norman at Mildura. Read more
Manufacturing in the Region is closely linked to its economic activity in agriculture, transport, automotive, construction and related industries. Food and beverage processing comprises a significant part of the Region’s manufacturing industry. Read more
The Region’s hospitality and tourism industries are diverse. Businesses range from many family owned cafes, restaurants and motels to larger hotels and tourism operators. Read more
Healthcare and social assistance represents the largest workforce in the Region by industry (14%). The sector includes a variety of small and large organisations across the Region. Read more
The Region's construction industry is significant, both in residential and commercial markets, comprising a combination of sole traders, small businesses, subcontractors and large corporations. Read more
Alongside horticulture, the Sunraysia Region is also characterised by strong agricultural industries, such as intensive agriculture, dryland farming and dairying. Read more