Mental Health First-Aid Training a Valuable Lesson for SuniTAFE Staff 

24 Apr 2024

SuniTAFE staff spent the last week participating in mental health first aid training to equip them with the necessary skills to help a colleague in need.  

The training was designed to provide staff with the knowledge to recognise and respond to mental health challenges in the workplace.  

The initial training sessions were targeted at managers who will work together to make sure that all SuniTAFE employees have a supportive network within reach.  

Participants got involved in workshops, activities, and discussions that challenged their understandings of mental health while showing them how to effectively respond to those in need.  

This training comes after the recent creation of a dedicated role for Manager – Wellbeing and Safety and a Wellbeing and Safety Strategy that is being written to improve the physical and psychosocial health of staff.  

Mental Illness Impacts 2 in 5 Australians 

The concept of occupational health and safety has progressed in recent years to incorporate both mental health and physical safety as important concerns for the workplace. 

Results from the National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing indicate that close to 43 per cent of people have experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life.  

This means that more than two in five people have been, or continue to be, impacted by mental illness.  

Given this prevalence, the mental health first aid training is a key step in ensuring that SuniTAFE is a workplace where open conversations about mental wellbeing are accepted and encouraged.   

Be Part of the Solution  

Mental health is impacted by a wide range of factors outside of individual control; one factor is the availability of, and access to, support services.  

In recognition of this, SuniTAFE offers Certificate IV in Mental Health (CHC43315) to train those who are passionate about helping the community through mental health struggles.  

Completing this course can lead to a career as a mental health support worker in aged-care facilities, schools, community health centres, and many other community contexts. 

To learn more about community health courses at SuniTAFE, including Certificate IV in Mental Health (CHC43315), click here.