VET Delivery to Secondary Students

VETDSS combines VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) & Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) studies at school, with practical hands-on experience and training at SuniTAFE.

If you're a high school student looking to get a head-start in your future career, the VET Delivered to Secondary Students (VETDSS) program is for you. VETDSS allows high school students to study a nationally recognised TAFE qualification as part of their secondary schooling. 

The VET Delivered to Secondary Students program (VETDSS) involves senior secondary school students undertaking a vocational subject as part of their secondary school education. This program contributes towards their secondary school completion certificates, whilst undertaking a nationally recognised qualification in a program of choice.

Gain insights and experience within an industry you’re interested in working in, and get ahead in your career with VET DSS. Programs are offered over two years, and contribute to your overall VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) & Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) requirements. You need to be at least 15 years old and in Year 10 or 11 to join.

Students successfully completing a VETDSS program will be eligible for a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment or Certificate qualification in their specific area of study; as well as developing a range of skills and knowledge that will make them more ‘job-ready’.

Having a VETDSS qualification helps you to pathway into an apprenticeship, traineeship or employment, and best of all, when you have finished school – you can fast track into another course in the same area or we will help you choose an area of interest. 

Just remember there is no right or wrong reason to do VETDSS. In partnership with your school, we are helping to prepare you to start thinking about your future and the endless possibilities available to you.

Want more information about studying VET

Check out the Get VET videos here. See secondary students across Victoria exploring their passion through VET, developing workplace skills and knowledge and creating flexible pathways towards future education and employment.

Need more information about studying a VET course - learn more at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment VET webpage.

Start exploring career pathways by selecting a learning area you enjoy.  Find out what occupations are linked to your area of interest with the Career Bullseyes at the myfuture website here.

How does it work?

The VETDSS programs run over one year or two years. Most students will start their program in Years 10 or 11, however depending on the course selected there may be the opportunity for Year 8 and 9 students to participate in Taster Programs.

You attend campus once a week and in some cases, this is supported by work placement or structured workplace learning, to further enhance skills and provide opportunities for employment.

Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for further relevant information.

How to enrol in VETDSS at SuniTAFE

  • Submit your application to your Secondary College VET/Careers/Home Group Coordinator.
  • You will need to complete an enrolment application process, this includes an expression of interest form, enrolment form and a pre-training review.
  • Some programs may have an eligibility and selection criteria such as interview, aptitude tests etc
  • Your school will be notified if your application has been successful with details for orientation or enrolment sessions you need to attend.
  • Late applications may be accepted for some programs, however will only be considered if vacancies exist or become available at a later date.​​​​​
  • Costs will vary between programs and the invoice for the program costs including materials, books, uniforms, kits and other fees will be sent to your home school.
  •  Students undertaking trade courses will be required to complete an OHS Construction Induction course prior to work placements occurring.


Students and their parents may need to attend an enrolment session at SuniTAFE or the relevant Trade Traning Centre. 

To find out more about VETDSS offerings at SuniTAFE please email or call 03 5022 3999 . Alternatively speak to your school VET Coordinator.

Need more information
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VETDSS Handbook
Click here to view the 2023 VETDSS Courses Handbook.
VETDSS Information

Benefits of studying VETDSS

  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification
  • Learn from our industry expert teachers
  • Take home practical skills as part of your studies