Automotive Air Conditioning at SuniTAFE

14 Aug 2023

by Samantha Leersen

Automotive Air Conditioning at SuniTAFE
SuniTAFE’s Automotive Air Conditioning Technology Short Course (SCAUR20220AC) aims to teach students how to service and repair vehicle air conditioning systems. It also provides students with the compulsory units required to obtain a Refrigerant Handling Licence. 

This area of Automotive studies can be complex to learn, however, members of industry have praised SuniTAFE’s teaching approach and equipment. 

Pim Moroni, owner of the Robinvale-based business MRFU Solutions, completed the Automotive Air Conditioning Technology Short Course in 2022. 

Since completing the course, he has obtained a Refrigerant Handling Licence, which is a requirement to work on any automotive air conditioning system, as well as registering his business as a refrigerant trader.

“My business involves maintaining and repairing machinery, predominantly in the agricultural sector. I’ve worked in places like almond farms and olive farms, just servicing their equipment,” Pim said. 

“Doing this Air Conditioning course has come in handy for that, and it has given me a lot more work because I’m now licenced to service another component of the equipment.”

Pim found SuniTAFE’s training equipment to be high quality and easy to use. He used this as a benchmark when acquiring equipment for his own business. 

“The equipment I trained with was new and in good condition, and it was comprehensive. In particular, I found the A/C System Trainer the most impressive. It shows the movements of refrigerant gas through transparent tubes, so that you can really understand what you’re working on,” Pim said. 

The A/C System Trainer that Pim is referring to is one of only a handful in Australia.  

Automotive Teacher Rod Sparrow believes that this is one of the most effective training tools for his classes. 
“This machine has clear tubes so that the students can see the states of change that occur within air conditioning systems. They can see the liquid turning into gas. You can also create simulated faults that have real impacts on the output of the machine, such as a rapid increase in pressure. This allows the students to see and feel the problem, to then understand how to diagnose and repair it.” Rod said. 

“This is an important learning tool because, with the air conditioning systems in cars, you can’t see this process, it is hidden. This means that, without the System Trainer, students kind of just have to take your word for it that they work in a certain way.”

“Many of our students are hands-on and visual learners though and understanding it without seeing it can be difficult. So, we have seen how this one piece of equipment really clarifies the theory for a lot of students.”
SuniTAFE’s Automotive Air Conditioning Technology Short Course (SCAUR20220AC) is designed to upskill existing workers who are performing maintenance of vehicle air conditioning systems.

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