Teacher Profile – Chelsie Jensen

28 Jul 2023

Teacher Profile – Chelsie Jensen
Teacher Profile – Chelsie Jensen
In recognition of her passion and dedication to her job, TAFEKids Inc. Early Childhood Teacher Chelsie Jensen has been nominated for the 2023 Victorian Early Years Awards in the category of Early Childhood Teacher of the Year. 

Chelsie teaches three and four-year-old Kindergarten. 

“Within this role, my co-educators and I provide the children with a fun play-based and school readiness curriculum. We ensure they have all the skills and knowledge they need before they begin school,” Chelsie said. 

Having just reached her two-year work anniversary, she finds immense joy in her day-to-day work. 

“I love seeing the children collaborate with each other and come up with new ideas to extend their knowledge and understanding of the world and our community. Every day is different in the Kindergarten classroom,” she said. 

An innovative idea that Chelsie has brought to her classrooms is the Street Kinder curriculum. 

The Street Kinder curriculum is designed to get the children to connect with their community while learning life skills with their peers. 

“Our Street Kinder curriculum promotes the students’ connection to their community,” Chelsie said. 

“We do this in many ways, such as saying good morning to people as we pass them, interacting with community members like the library staff, paying for products at Shippy’s Café, and donating money to SRS Benetook Farm.” 

“The children are learning and are being exposed to everyday things, whilst doing it with their Kinder friends as our own community.” 

It is the implementation of the Street Curriculum that earned Chelsie her award nomination. This is something that she is very proud of. 

“To be nominated for the Early Childhood Teacher of the Year award is pretty special. It sums up my career. To be recognised for my achievements means the world,” she said. 

SuniTAFE wishes Chelsie good luck with her nomination!

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