Courtyard Café - Easter Celebrations

28 Mar 2024

Courtyard Café  - Easter Celebrations
Courtyard Café  - Easter Celebrations
SuniTAFE staff and students kicked off their final week of term and commenced Easter celebrations with freshly baked hot cross buns on Tuesday.

Certificate I in Transition Education (22567VIC) students put their baking skills to the test and created 100 traditional hot cross buns, while Work Education students ran the café, serving customers and making hot chocolates and coffee.

SuniTAFE Work Education and Transition Education Teacher Ruth Tankard said the Courtyard Café was a huge success with many students and staff eager to support the event.

“The best way for our students to learn is from real life experiences and this has given them just that,” she said.

“Students perfected their hot cross buns while using the hospitality proofing oven and bakers oven and trialling their recipe on Monday before baking fresh 100 hot cross buns on Tuesday morning.

“It was a great event; the hot cross buns looked and tasted great, we had beautiful weather and it was the perfect way for staff to gather for the end of the term.”

Customers had the opportunity to enjoy their delicious hot cross buns in the sun while utilising the newly purchased table and chairs from the funds raised by the Work Education and Transition Education last year.