Introducing the SuniTAFE Information Desk

30 Aug 2023

As part of a commitment to improvement, SuniTAFE has built a new Information Desk to be the first point of contact for all visitors to the Institute. 

Positioned at the entrance of the Mildura campus, the Information Desk is designed to provide expert guidance to visitors, so that they are connected with the most appropriate person or department within SuniTAFE. 

To fulfil this goal, the Information Desk will be occupied by a friendly member of the SuniTAFE Skills and Jobs Centre team at all times. 

Stephanie Gray recently commenced a traineeship with SuniTAFE in the Skills and Jobs Centre, and it is often her job to greet visitors. 

Stephanie gained experience in other roles before commencing at SuniTAFE, but she feels she has found her place here. 

“SuniTAFE is so familiar and I’ve been here many times because I completed study here a few years ago. After trying a few jobs, I found that administration and customer service were where I felt most confident. So, when I found this work and study opportunity, it was perfect,” Stephanie said.  

Since starting her new role, Stephanie has met many people with different life stories that have led them to SuniTAFE. She believes that getting to hear these stories is a highlight of the job. 

“Someone might come in and say ‘I want to completely change my career’ and it is daunting and scary, but the great thing is I can connect them with the rest of the Skills and Jobs Centre team so they can have the necessary conversations,” Stephanie said. 

“I think that sometimes people feel really nervous or uncertain. They may have a lifetime of experience in, say, Hospitality, but they want to get into Carpentry and that seems like a big jump, but it’s not unrealistic at all, it’s possible here.”

The Information Desk receives many visitors during the course of the day, all with unique requests and queries. 
Stephanie and the rest of the Skills and Jobs Centre team will tailor their advice to the unique request. 
“When visitors arrive, they often have very specific questions, so they need to be directed to the right place to get answers. It’s all about understanding exactly what the visitor came to SuniTAFE for that day.” 

“If they come in knowing exactly what they want to do, we can direct them to Student Administration to speak to an Enrolment Advisor. Otherwise, we will book them an appointment with a member of the Skills and Jobs Centre team to discuss their options and work out what they want to do.”

A member of the team will be available to greet you at the Information Desk from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  
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