John Deere Training at SuniTAFE’s Smart Farm Campus

21 Nov 2023

John Deere Training at SuniTAFE’s Smart Farm Campus
SuniTAFE’s SMART Farm Campus served as a hub for John Deere trainers who spent a month teaching their staff about innovative technology.

Representatives travelled to Mildura from across Australia to participate in the training program.
The SMART Farm Campus is home to citrus and nut trees, vines, and open areas which presented a wide range of conditions to demonstrate the capabilities of the technology.

SuniTAFE Chief Executive Officer Brett Millington was happy to offer the SMART Farm Campus to the John Deere representatives.

“We are at a crossroads between industrial-era farming and SMART Farming, and precision ag and tech stacks like John Deere’s will make horticulture farming more efficient and productive,” Mr Millington said.

“To remain relevant to constantly evolving industries, SuniTAFE knows it must develop effective industry partnerships, be innovative and welcome change.”

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