SuniTAFE Destination Australia Scholarships Open for 2024

06 Feb 2024

SuniTAFE has been successful in receiving 10 scholarships in the latest round of Destination Australia funding.
Destination Australia Scholarships are an initiative of the Australian Government, designed to attract and support domestic and international students to study in regional Australia.

SuniTAFE has been lucky enough to receive five domestic and five international scholarships. These can be awarded to students at any of our campuses. Applications are open now and all are encouraged to apply.

The scholarships will contribute to meeting vital skills demand as they only apply to courses that lead to an occupation on the Australian Government’s Skills Priority List.

This list includes qualifications in community services, information technology (IT), and early childhood education and care.

Applicants from underrepresented groups will also be prioritised to ensure that the scholarships are helping to improve access to tertiary education. The recipients will receive $15,000 each year, for up to two years.

“These scholarships are a fantastic way to support us in delivering on our Vision of inspiring growth and belief through learning. They truly do help us change lives,” SuniTAFE Chief Executive Officer Brett Millington said.

SuniTAFE has been successful during previous rounds of funding, and these scholarships have created new opportunities for both domestic and international students.

Tayla Dedini was awarded a domestic scholarship to study Nursing at the Swan Hill campus in 2021.

“The Destination Australia Scholarship has given me the opportunity to relocate for my studies to an outstanding rural campus, it has also ensured that I am able to purchase all of the resources needed to achieve my best results using my full potential,” Tayla said.

“Studying at SuniTAFE in Swan Hill with a Destination Australia Scholarship allows me to be in a small class group that I have developed close friendships and feel comfortable in. It also allows for more one on one learning with teachers so that I can perform skills to the best of my abilities with confidence.”

Tayla graduated in 2023 and is now working in industry.

Kyrra Pintor, originally from the Philippines, was awarded an international scholarship to study Kitchen Management at the Mildura campus in 2023.

“The scholarship helped me improve my focus on my academics and give proper attention to my school life,” Kyrra said.

“Even if you feel like it’s a risky thing to do to take the scholarship, my advice would be just take the leap.”

Pauline Glorioso, originally from the Philippines, was also awarded an international scholarship to study Kitchen Management at the Mildura campus in 2023.

“The scholarship helped with my studies a lot because I was able to prove to myself that I can do more,” Pauline said.

“If the school sees potential in me, then the employers will see potential in me as well.”

Scholarship applications for both international and domestic students are now open. To apply, visit