SuniTAFE Gives Back This Christmas

05 Dec 2023

SuniTAFE Gives Back This Christmas
SuniTAFE Gives Back This Christmas
The Mildura campus was jam-packed with toys, books, art supplies, and much more this week as SuniTAFE participated in the Mallee Family Care Christmas Appeal for another year. 

Staff members across nearly every department got involved, purchasing a gift for a child worth up to $25. Some were feeling extra generous this year, and purchased gifts for two or three children. 

SuniTAFE has participated in the Christmas Appeal for many years now and it is a cause that brings much joy to campus. 

For many, it is an opportunity to return to the toy aisles and relive some childhood fun. 

More importantly though, as SuniTAFE Events Officer Grace Woodall says, it is also a chance to give back. 
“These gifts have more meaning than we might realise,” Grace said. 

 “So many families are feeling the pressure of the cost of living, and for us to be able to provide something small for more than 80 children in the Mallee region is extra special.”

“I can just imagine the smiles on their faces and the joy and happiness they will feel opening a gift from us. It is really heart-warming, which I think is why so many of our staff sign up each year.”  

Mallee Family Care collected the gifts from SuniTAFE on 4 December. 

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