SuniTAFE Training for the Jobs the Region Needs Most

28 Nov 2023

The Victorian Skills Plan for 2023 into 2024 shows that SuniTAFE is providing training for the industries that the Mallee will need most by 2026. 

In 2022, the inaugural Victorian Skills Plan was launched, which used expert insights and comprehensive data to illustrate how the state will grow and innovate in the coming years.

The updated Victorian Skills Plan was launched yesterday with data projections into 2026. 

A product of the Plan is an employment forecast which indicates the skills and jobs that will be needed in each region to meet Victoria’s growing demands. 

The top five occupations who will require new workers in the Mallee by 2026 are: 
1.    Aged and Disabled Carers: 229 new workers
2.    General Clerks: 148 new workers
3.    Crop Farmers: 127 new workers
4.    Livestock Farmers: 107 new workers
5.    Registered Nurses: 95 new workers

SuniTAFE remains well positioned to help fill these job demands, currently offering courses that teach the skills needed for each of these occupations. 

SuniTAFE’S General Manager – Education Delivery, Wayne Ketchen believes that TAFE training will be vital in meeting our region’s growing demands. 

“Our role in providing quality vocational training aligned to industry needs means that SuniTAFE is the first choice in training for the care economy and healthcare sector in the region,” Mr Ketchen said. 

“Combined with our SMART Farm campus and programs aligned to Clean Economy initiatives, SuniTAFE is a focal point for training in the Victorian Skills Plan framework.”

The Victorian Skills Plan data also provides a list of key VET courses aligned to each in-demand occupation. 
To train tomorrow’s Aged and Disabled Carers, SuniTAFE currently offers courses in community services, individual support, and mental health. These courses range from a certificate level through to a diploma. 

Becoming a General Clerk is also possible at SuniTAFE by completing a qualification in business, accounting and bookkeeping, and leadership and management. 

With SuniTAFE’s horticulture and agriculture courses, students are able to gain the skills needed for employment as Crop Farmers and Livestock Farmers. 

Finally, SuniTAFE also offers training in nursing, which leads to potential employment as an Enrolled Nurse.
From here, our students are able to transition into a local university degree to become a Registered Nurse. 

“Many of these courses are offered as part of the FREE TAFE initiative, meaning that training for these high demand occupations is now more accessible than ever,” SuniTAFE Chief Executive Officer Brett Millington said.  
“We encourage anyone interested in a new career or job to start today by viewing our full list of courses here or contacting us for more information.” 

The data collected for the Victorian Skills Plan can be found here.