TAFE Kids - Halloween 2023

03 Nov 2023

TAFE Kids - Halloween 2023
Spooky spiders, creepy skeletons and a vampire for a CEO were all part of the fun at SuniTAFE on Tuesday to celebrate Halloween.

Staff dressed up for the occasion with many areas decorated for a very special visit from the children
at TAFE Kids.

TAFE Kids children dressed as witches, vampires and scary creatures for their excursion to SuniTAFE
where they visited the library, Skills and Jobs Centre, the automotive, beauty and plumbing
departments and the Executive Leadership Team.

“The idea was put forward by Senior Educator Madi Sparrow who saw this as an opportunity to build
more of a sense of community between us and SuniTAFE,” TAFE Kids Assistant Director Jess Inwood
Irrgang said.

“We invited a few of the departments to get involved and it was absolutely fantastic.”
Hot Wheels cars, lollies, bubbles and balloons were among the treats each department gave the
children visiting.

“Everyone was super excited, and we have had more departments show interest so next year will be
even better,” Jess said.

“Each year we would usually encourage the children to dress up throughout the week and bring in
their favourite Halloween book, but this has worked so well we hope we will make it an annual

Children from the Kinder room and those aged two and a half and older all took part in the excursion
with the rest of the centre children encouraged to also celebrate Halloween this year and dress up.

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