Teaching Fellowship Program Success for SuniTAFE Teacher

05 Oct 2023

SuniTAFE Beauty Teacher Jess Kendrigan has returned to campus feeling energised after completing the VET Development Centre (VDC) Teaching Fellowship Program. 

The Program supports teachers in their first years of education delivery. 

Fellowship candidates are chosen based upon their interest in developing their teaching and learning skills. Only a handful of teachers are chosen to participate each year. 

Jess completed her final presentation on 6 September, marking the conclusion of her participation in the Program. Her research topic was student-centred engagement. 

“I’ve come back feeling really energised, enthusiastic, and excited about the things that I have learned and I’ve been implementing them into my teaching methods,” Jess said. 

“I’ve gained so much confidence in my delivery of teaching. I’ve also gained the confidence to be able to speak my concerns in a professional way.”

Jess is grateful for everything that has gone on behind the scenes while she has been participating in the Fellowship. 

“Throughout this Program, it has been really noticeable who my biggest supports are. Particularly in times where I’ve had to travel so frequently,” she said.

“My team in the Beauty Department have really stepped up and supported me through everything when they didn’t necessarily have to. So, I want to say a big thank you to them, and my manager. Obviously, my husband, Dalton too.”

“But I also most definitely want to acknowledge SuniTAFE Education Development Services Advisor, Debbie Bell. She has always been in my corner and she’s just so giving. She’s really my hype gal in the teaching world. She just wants the best for everyone and everything.”

Debbie Bell has worked closely with Jess at SuniTAFE. She was proud to attend her Fellowship presentation last month. 

“Watching Jess during her presentation really showed her willingness to learn new pedagogical practices and, more importantly, apply them to her classroom with passion, excitement, and innovation,” Debbie said. 

“She really is full of passion. She uses a lot of narratives when she teaches, and she’s got the ability to actually provide instruction through demonstration of her own knowledge and skills.”

“She adopts many questioning techniques to draw information out of her students, rather than just filling them with knowledge and information.”

“Thank goodness we have young, enthusiastic, and professional teachers coming through the ranks that want to do the right thing. Jess isn’t about cutting corners, she’s willing to put the hard work in. She appreciates the importance of quality, and that is what she delivers to her students.”

Although her involvement with the VDC Fellowship Program has now concluded, Jess intends to keep in contact with the other Fellows and continue to learn from the new professional network she has developed. 

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