Victorian TAFE Association State Conference comes to SuniTAFE

26 Jul 2023

The Victorian TAFE Association State Conference, TAFECreates 23, will be held in the region for the first time with the support of SuniTAFE.

The three-day event officially begins today with 220 delegates expected to arrive in Sunraysia for the annual event.

The state conference brings together Victorian TAFEs, dual sector universities, government, community and industry partners to discuss contemporary issues, convey big picture ideas, communicate trends and gather for collaborative consultation to connect and network.

SuniTAFE CEO Brett Millington said to have the event held in Mildura is a fantastic opportunity for the region and an honour for SuniTAFE.

“It means we've been recognised for the excellent work that we've undertaken in the TAFE sector over the last few years, and we have been recognised for that leadership in the TAFE sector,” he said.

“It's a great opportunity to welcome the TAFE leaders from across the state to Mildura and SuniTAFE, bringing together all of those leaders and the important discussions around the various concepts that are contemporary to the sector currently and industry locally.

“Currently the importance of TAFE and quality of education is being highlighted by both the Victorian Government and the Federal Government.  Most recently the Federal Minister of Education, referencing that more and more we live in a world where every single job requires either further University or a TAFE education.
“We’re seeking to build upon this recognition and to provide those services to our community, to not only help young people but all people wanting to further their careers. 

“Evidence suggests that students consistently report positive outcomes from Vocational Education and Training, with the most recent data indicating 86 per cent of VET students in Victoria achieved their main reason for doing the training and a further 68 per cent suggest seeing improved employment status after training.”
Mr Millington said the event will allow visitors to gain a greater understanding of SuniTAFE’s role within the local community, while also getting a chance to visit other local industry sites.

“They will get a better picture of the extent and quality of local businesses that we have here, while also learning about the opportunities that exist for SuniTAFE in the future with potential support for expansion of our facilities and delivery of options” he said.

As part of the conference, participants will have the opportunity to tour the SuniTAFE Mildura campus and SuniTAFE Smart Farm.

“I am very excited to welcome everyone to our campus, especially with the new Nexus engagement space a great way to show what we are building here for our students,” Mr Millington said.

“We will also be able to showcase that SuniTAFE is a core part of our region, and you can see where we are located; close to industry, close to the community and get a picture of what surrounds our campus.”

Guests of the conference will attend the official welcome this evening at Cafe 1909 before enjoying two days of keynote speakers, presentations, workshops at Willow & Ivie and tours to the local campus and industry.