Weed Spot Sprayer 


What are Weed Spot Sprayers used for? 

Using advanced optics and processing power, the weed spot sprayer detects and eliminates resistant weeds. When a weed passes underneath the sensor it signals its linked spray nozzle to precisely deliver herbicide and kill the weed, reducing the amount of chemical applied by up to 90%.

The Weed Spot Sprayer reduces herbicide costs and drift, decreasing the chemical load on the environment and saving water. 

How does the SuniTAFE SMART Farm use the Weed Spot Sprayer?   

Students and teachers at the SuniTAFE SMART Farm use the Weed Spot Sprayer as an education resource. During training, they can make the conscious choice to help reduce the widespread use of toxic chemical weed killers by only applying herbicide when a weed passes under the sensor. 

Instead of spraying our entire field, the chemical is emitted only when the optical sensor identifies a ‘green’ source, like green weeds on the orchard and vineyard floor. 

Not only does the SuniTAFE SMART Farm benefit environmentally from the weed spot spraying system, it also saves money on weed control.

Our courses in Horticulture and Agriculture now use the Weed Spot Sprayer as we transition to SMART farming. 

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