SuniTAFE Apprenticeship Support Officer

Tony Lyons 


Tony works on site at the Mildura campus and travels to Swan Hill campus regularly to confidentially chat to apprentices and answer any questions they may have.


Phone: 0417 305 999

Learn more about Apprenticeships Victoria and the Apprenticeship Support Officer Program.

Tony can assist with: 

Training Contracts  |  What are they? Why are they important? How do I request changes to my training contract? 

Workplace Safety concerns or questions  |  What can I do if I feel unsafe at work? How can I respond if I’m being bullied? 

Pay, Awards and Conditions  |  How much should I Get paid? Should I get superannuation? What can I do if I am being underpaid? Who pays my TAFE fees? 

Losing or Leaving your job  |  What if I lose my job, or leave my job? How do I find a new one? Who do I need to inform? 

Trade Support Loans  |  What are they? How and when do apprentices have to make repayments? 

Referral to support services   |  How can I get the help I need to support my mental health? Where can I get free legal advice? 

Support for Apprentices

The Apprenticeship Support Program provides assistance to young apprentices (aged 15 to 24) during their first year of training to successfully navigate the apprenticeship system and to work through any challenges that may occur during their apprenticeship.

The program engages Apprenticeship Support Officers (ASOs) across Victoria to offer a free, confidential, support and advice service to help apprentices work through challenges, be they workplace, training or personal in nature,  and successfully complete their apprenticeships.

How it works

The Apprenticeship Support Program assists apprentices to navigate the apprenticeship system as well as assisting them resolve issues as they arise. This provides apprentices with an independent advice and mentoring service to discuss issues that may impact on their apprenticeship, including not only workplace or training issues but also personal issues.

The ASO's can assist and support apprentices to navigate workplace or training issues including referrals to Fairwork, WorkSafe, Centrelink, Australian Apprenticeship Network providers and the Victorian Regulations and Quality Authority. They can also help with referrals to other support services and provide assistance and support for apprentices who lose their job, wish to change employers or look at a different field of study.