Creative Design Students use Nexus Stage to Display Artwork

23 Jun 2023

Creative Design Students use Nexus Stage to Display Artwork
On 23 June, VETDSS students enrolled in Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (CUA30720) installed the first ever display on The Nexus stage. 

The stage is designed to display SuniTAFE’s leading edge equipment and showcase student work. 
As part of their course requirements, the students put together a sculptural display of wearable art to present on the stage. 

The students also put together a slide show to accompany the display. It shows the students’ creative process and collaboration when putting together the sculptures. 

Richael, one of the students involved in the project, explained the significance of each of the outfits. 

“From left to right, Poppy represents the history of ages, the evolution of fashion, and nostalgia. Sky is a representation of ecology, showing the interaction between flying species and the environment. Jono is a champion for individuality and embracing culture in your own way,” Richael said. 

“As an extra layer of meaning, we also designed them visually to depict fire, water, and earth.”

Creative Design Teacher Catherine Benchmo is proud of what her students have put together and is very happy to see it on display. 

“We wanted to make the project visual to SuniTAFE staff and students. The Nexus stage presented a really good opportunity to embrace diversity, individuality, and creativity through sculpture. Better still, the students were encouraged to use found and recycled materials.”

“Art like this just can’t be hidden!” Catherine said. 

The student work was on display in The Nexus for two weeks.

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