Do you want a career change? How to do it without the drama.

17 Mar 2020

There are many reasons why people decide they want a change in career. It could be because of the lack of opportunities in their existing career path, they want a career that is more exciting, they want a better paying job, or they simply don’t like their job and it’s just time for a change.

The idea of making a career change can seem like a mountain too high to climb, and just as risky. That’s understandable, particularly if you don’t know what other careers look like and how to actually make the move.
The ideal place to begin is SuniTAFE, it’s what we do and we’re very good at it.

SuniTAFE’s partnerships with all the key industries in the Mallee region ensure we know what jobs are most in demand for businesses, what those jobs entail, the opportunities in those jobs, and what skills and knowledge is required to get those jobs.

The task of changing careers might not be as difficult as you think. SuniTAFE can help unpack the process into manageable steps.

Step One – Make a Start

Drop in to see our Customer Service Team or make an appointment with the Skills and Job Centre to talk to one of our career advisors. Our staff know which courses are available and the training required for the jobs that are most likely to arise.

You might even like to discuss which pathways to take that will eventually lead you to University study. SuniTAFE courses can be your launchpad into a University degree and are a great way to make a start into academia.
Either way, the first step is as easy as making contact with us - through the website contact forms, by phone or by visiting us face-to-face at one of our campus locations in Mildura, Swan Hill, Robinvale or Horsham.

When you walk through our doors we can walk you through your options and find the right place for you to begin.

Step Two – Identify your goals

What are your hopes and aspirations? You may have a bold vision of where you want your career or life to take you. Or your plans might be quite simple, more local and easier to reach.

You might like to think about the type of work that suits the life you hope to lead. Do you prefer working with people, numbers, creativity, technology, environment, machinery or hands-on? You might want to travel or prefer to stay close to home. There will be other goals and commitments to consider too, like family, sport and hobbies that need to factor into your life.

At SuniTAFE we understand that study and training should be flexible and lead people toward their goals. That’s why we like to discuss with you the type of work you’d ideally like to do, the industry you’d like to work in, and the life you’d like to have as well.

Through understanding your goals, the decisions about what to study can become so much easier to make.

Step Three – Making a choice

It’s not always easy to make decisions that will take you on a new path in life, however, you can rest assured that at SuniTAFE we know exactly the qualifications you’ll need for the job you want.

SuniTAFE has many established partnerships direct with industry across the region, so that we can provide appropriate training to suit their needs. In many instances, SuniTAFE has helped design the training packages for those very jobs. Knowing that what you are studying is what employers are looking for gives you a solid foundation on which to build that career change.

If your aim is to take your study further into University, we know how to make that happen too. SuniTAFE has 40 years of history in providing pathways to further study for students in the region, who have gone on to make change happen here and all over the world.

Step Four – Plan to Succeed

When you discover what training you need to do for the job you want, the next step is to create a plan of how to achieve it. A goal without a plan is just a dream that you may never reach.

For instance, you can begin a training course with SuniTAFE part-time before throwing your old job in. We offer flexibility and a range of course delivery options to help you. It might even be the case that you only need a few units to set you on a new career path, or up-skill you for a better position.

With SuniTAFE, the transition to a new career is easier when you plan to succeed.

Step Five – You’re well on your way.

Employers Australia-wide know the training you’re receiving through SuniTAFE is the best there is, thanks to SuniTAFE winning Australia’s Large Training Provider Award for 2019.

With nationally accredited courses, your qualification will travel as far and wide as you want to go.

At SuniTAFE, not only will you get exactly the qualifications you’ll need for a successful career change, you’ll get it from the best teachers, who are constantly up-grading their skills and delivery techniques to stay in front of the curve.

You’ll also enjoy the experience of being among a vibrant, positive culture of like-minded people, in a learning and training environment that is highly respected in the community.
With SuniTAFE, you get to have the career you want and that’s what drives us to help you succeed. So, why not make a start right now?