End of Year Celebration for Youth Education Students

09 Nov 2023

End of Year Celebration for Youth Education Students

SuniTAFE’s Youth Education students invited their friends and family along to an end of year celebration at Pizza Café last night to acknowledge all of their hard work for 2023. 

As an alternative to undertaking years 11 and 12 at a secondary school, students are able to complete these final years at SuniTAFE by completing either the Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major (VCE0000001) or the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC0000001).  

Students enrolled in these courses got to celebrate their academic year last night, as well as farewelling the students completing their year 12 equivalent. Close to 60 people attended.  

The students all received a yearbook full of photographic memories of their year to serve as a lasting reminder of their hard work. They were quite excited to be given the opportunity to sign their peers’ books at the event too. 

Teacher Chris McGinty is pleased with how the event went and was happy to see her students sharing in their celebrations. 

“It was fantastic. We loved the fact that so many of the students brought somebody with them, someone special. I believe it was the most family members we’ve ever seen for a function,” Chris said. 

“The night is designed to celebrate their academic successes, but the other big thing we’ve noticed is that they’ve developed their confidence, their sense of self, and their friendships. So, the night is meant to recognise that too.”

Teacher Ben Dawes felt moved seeing his students complete their studies at SuniTAFE. 

“For a lot of the students who are in the senior group this year, this is their third year here,” Ben said. 

“They’ve come through the old Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) program into the new Victorian Certificate of Education Vocational Major program and now this is the last time we’ll probably see them in this context for a lot of us. It was really a full circle moment.” 

Many of the students who are finishing their schooling this year have already lined up work or further studies for next year. 

This made Participation Assistant Tara Ziguras feel quite emotional on the night, seeing the bright futures ahead of the students. 

“Even just to finish their studies is an accolade in and of itself for some of our students so it is a really special night,” Tara said. 

“We really want to wish good luck to the senior students who have finished their studies.”

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