Enhanced conservation and ecosystem management courses for SuniTAFE 

03 Mar 2022

Learn new technologies for a career in land and water with a course in conservation and ecosystem management.    

With an enhanced new training package in 2022, Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management (AHC31420) and Diploma of Conservation and Ecosystem Management (AHC51120) will introduce you to the skills used by land managers, park rangers, site assessors, water quality assessors and conservation staff.  The new units of study are: designed to enable students to complete both full courses or skill sets depending on needs; relevant to area of study; and linked in with industry to provide real life project outcomes.

You'll learn how to survey animals and plants, monitor waterways, work with endangered species, assess and restore natural sites, and undertake cultural studies relating to land management. 
During your study you will have the opportunity to complete a range of real-life projects and participate in surveys run by organisations such as OzFish, Australian Wildlife Conservatory (AWC), Lake Victoria and other leading industry organisations.  Students will also have the chance to attend field trips linked into the learning they are completing.

Course participants will obtain life skills and interact with industry (stakeholders).  Training is classroom based with some one on one training or small groups.  You can still complete units while working full time/ part time and don’t have to move away to complete study.  Studying conservation and ecosystem management is a great pathway to further study.  The expected time to complete the course is 1 year.  

Key project for 2022 include:
•    setting up a waterway that is dedicated to endangered species including monitoring, assessing and working with local stakeholders to ensure outcomes are meet
•    work with local Indigenous elders and groups to assist with maintaining sites and understanding culture
•    conduct pitfall trapping, linked to management projects with Australian Wildlife Conservatory. 

Applications are closing soon, enquire now: https://www.sunitafe.edu.au/courses/horticulture-and-agriculture/