International Department Set for Success

SuniTAFE is set to see an influx of new international students stepping foot on campus in the coming months with a dramatic increase in applications this year compared to 2021.

So far this year, applications to study at SuniTAFE have already eclipsed the total number of applications received in 2021, when COVID conditions were prohibiting international travel. With a significant number of students now enrolled for 2022, almost 90% these new cohorts are expected to start their studies in July this year and SuniTAFE is opening the doors to welcome international students back to our campuses.

“These enrolment shows that the border opening has increased student confidence in coming to study in Australia,” SuniTAFE International Students Unit Manager Camille Mansell said.

“Initially we were wondering what the recovery would look like, how long would it take for people to feel comfortable coming back and I am excited by the volume and quality of applications we have had come through already.”

Hospitality and automotive are the top two programs SuniTAFE have received international student applications for, with good interest in our horticulture and accounting programs as well.

95 per cent of applications have come via an Approved Education Agent, with the top three agents recruiting applicants from India, Pakistan, China and Vietnam.

Applications for enrolment in SuniTAFE have been received from 15 nationalities spanning across Asia, the Pacific, Africa and Europe.

Ms Mansell said there are many benefits to both the students and SuniTAFE with the expected influx of new students.

“There are very limited opportunities for international students coming to Victoria to have a regional experience and SuniTAFE is well-positioned to provide that experience,” she said.

“In terms of what they bring to our community; SuniTAFE international students are generally here for at least two years during which time they contribute to the economic and social fabric of our community; they work part time in local businesses, they shop locally, host visiting family and friends and bring multiculturalism and that exchange of experiences and ideas.”

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