New Equipment for Automotive Department

06 Jan 2023

New Equipment for Automotive Department
SuniTAFE becomes the first RTO in Australia to train with a fully electric excavator.

The future of zero-emissions is fast approaching and SuniTAFE is dedicated to delivering training to apprentices with the most current industry demands. 

The Heavy Automotive department in Mildura has received a JCB 19C-1E electric mini excavator.

This model is the world's first working electric excavator that is completely untethered.
With climate change and environmental sustainability on everyone’s mind, more businesses are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The electric excavator is just another addition to SuniTAFE’s fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles. 
SuniTAFE is the first RTO in Australia to train with a fully electric excavator. 

Heavy Automotive and Auto Electrical teacher Will Sharpe said the new equipment will greatly benefit SuniTAFE students.

“We now have a great advantage for our students to get a step up on the ever-evolving world of technology,” he said.

“This will allow our heavy vehicle apprentices and auto electricians to grasp a greater understanding about all related electric vehicle components."

“The excavator will also be used in hydraulics training as it is equipped with some of the most current hydraulic components and allows for a range of tests to be carried out."

“Mildura is a Hub for heavy vehicle mechanics in Road transport, agricultural mechanics and mobile plant technicians. By adding the JCB to our training we are guiding the next generation of technicians to have a better understanding of zero-emission technology and electric vehicles.” 

The most substantial difference between this electric excavator and a conventional diesel excavator is the lack of a loud fuel thirsty engine. In its place are a four-pack manganese-laminated 48-volt lithium-ion battery, an electric motor and an AC drive system.

“It’s quite strange to see in operation, having almost no noise whilst moving the bucket and controls,” Will said.

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